McMahon looks to make it with the Lions.

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Justin Vanfulpen -

The Lions hired Matt Millen, then he hired Marty Mornhinweg, and then they both drafted another M.M. as their fifth round draft choice, Mike McMahon. The Lions wanted to get a young quarterback that was athletic, and had a good arm to fit in the West Coast offense -- McMahon fit that formula to a tee.

If you look back at my draft report on before the draft, he was rated as the fourth best quarterback in the draft. A few comments that I made about him from watching film on McMahon in that draft report is that his best quality is his ability to run with the football, because he has tremendous speed and quickness. He is an agile runner who feels the pressure and does a nice job of creating second opportunities. His delivery is quick, but his mechanics need some work. He has good arm strength and can make all the throws that you need to be able to be successful in the NFL. But he needs to work on being more consistent as a passer. Something that he needs to work on is setting his feet, making reads and being patient. Overall, he is a good solid quarterback that has a chance to become a starter in this league with some work under NFL coaches.

The Lions are hoping for just that, that with McMahon learning under Marty Mornhinweg that he will develop with time and have a chance to start in the NFL. But McMahon knows that he has a long way to go before he is a starting quarterback in this league.

“I have a long way to go before that happens (starting in the NFL), but I have to work on just the basic fundamentals, just keep on going out there day to day, getting some reps here and make the most out of my opportunity,” said McMahon.

The West Coast offense is very similar to the offense that McMahon ran at Rutgers, but it is a little more indepth at the NFL level.

“It is some what similar, but it is just a lot more extensive and more in depth, you just have to know your stuff really good. Because the speed is just so much different in the NFL, cause they really will catch you here if you make a mistake,” said McMahon.

One reputation McMahon had coming out of college is that he was a very cocky player, but he hasn’t shown that here and McMahon has nothing but good things to say about his new head coach, Marty Mornhinweg.

“He just knows a tremendous amount, you know I’ve just learned so much since I have been here,” said McMahon. “He is a very good coach and I respect him very much.”

The Lions have had over a week of full team workouts and the rookies have been at SVSU for even longer then that, and McMahon has seen some things he didn’t see in college with the team.

“Everyone is just so upbeat, up-tempo; you really can’t screw up,” said McMahon.

Ever since the Lions had mini-camp in April, McMahon has been getting ready for training camp to make the most of his opportunity to make the Lions and work towards becoming a starting NFL quarterback.

“I worked out a lot after mini-camp, I had the play-book so I study that a little bit, I watched some film. I basically just tried to learn the plays and stuff so that I’m right here in training camp,” said McMahon.

McMahon has shown some ability in training camp, and is trying to beat out Cory Sauter for the third quarterback spot on the team this season. Sauter right know is ahead of him on the official depth chart, but that doesn’t mean much. Sauter does have the experience, but McMahon has a much better upside the Sauter does. McMahon has the ability to make plays with his feet when the play breaks down and is one of the faster players on the Lions roster.

Friday, when the Lions open the pre-season, look for both quarterbacks to get a lot of work behind Charlie Batch and back-up Jim Harbaugh this pre-season. But it is most likely that McMahon will be the Lions third string quarterback when the Lions open up in Green Bay September 9th.

News from SVSU:

Running back James Stewart only practiced partly in the morning yesterday and missed all of the afternoon practice due to a tweaked hamstring suffered during a running play. Stewart is expected to be back practicing with the team on Wednesday.

Defensive tackle Luther Elliss did practice at all on Monday due to an injury to his left elbow, he might have surgery on it but he would only miss two to three weeks.

Tackle Aaron Gibson didn’t practice on Monday but he did do some conditioning work out at practice. He should be back working with the team fully on Wednesday.

Guard Stockar McDougle did not practice at all on Monday due to a pulled groin, but he is also expected back Wednesday.

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