Quin Brings Durability to Lions Secondary

Due to his experience in many different roles -- man-to-man coverage, deep zone and blitzing -- the Lions felt Glover Quin had the multi-dimensional characteristics they need at the safety position.

The Lions made a move to address their often-criticized secondary by signing safety Glover Quin to a five-year contract, reportedly worth $25 million, on Wednesday

Glover Quin's History

Quin – a fourth-round pick in 2009 – has spent his entire career with the Houston Texans.

He has only missed one game in his four-year career and has played in every contest for the Texans over the last three seasons.

He has recorded 248 tackles, five interceptions, 47 pass defenses, three forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries in his four seasons.

Fit and Role: Quin and the Lions Secondary

The Lions took a hard look at Quin and decided he possessed the diverse characteristics they covet in the safety position.

"He's a very good fit for what we do in addition to being a very good leader. In the back end of our defense, leadership is very important,' said head coach Jim Schwartz. "He's a smart player, he's adjusted to a lot of different things, and all of that led us to him."

Quin entered the NFL draft in 2009, Schwartz's first season with the club. The team studied him coming out of the draft but ultimately never pulled the trigger on getting him to Detroit. At the time, he was coming into the league as a cornerback but had the size and physicality that suggested a move to safety was possible.

Due to his experience in many different roles -- man-to-man coverage, deep zone, blitzing -- the Lions felt he had the multidimensional characteristics they need. Perhaps just as important was the fact that he also had a track record of durability

"I think that was a big deal because in this league, it's all about if you can play on Sundays," said Quin. "It doesn't really matter how good you are if you're not able to go out there and play on Sundays and play at a high level. So, obviously being healthy and being able to play for as many games and not missing games, obviously that plays a part in a team's decision and investing in you."

Quin will be penciled into a starting role on the field but is also expected to lead off of it. He's embracing his responsibilities both on and off the field.

"I want to come in and just help and contribute in any way I can," said Quin. "Obviously I've been playing for a long time, about four years. So, I've got a little experience in things that I can do. Just a little leadership and trying to help out in competition and just trying to get to the next level."

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