Defensive End: Lions' Hall Leaves Big Impression

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Adrian Donofrio -

There will be plenty of new faces come September, when the Detroit Lions have their season opener.

Sure, there's already new head coach Marty Morhinweg, and new CEO Matt Millen, but what about new players?

Everyone already knows about the new additions, such as defensive back Todd Lyght, and offensive lineman Brendan Stai. But what's truly interesting to watch is the position battles in camp for backup spots.

These battles can be grueling, and can give head coaches some very hard decisions. Players will give it all they have and then some for a roster spot, some get overlooked, some get left out. One player hoping to avoid this is second year player James Hall.

James no doubt left an impression on the coaching staff at the pre-season opener against the Bengals, when playing his positon at DE, had 7 tackles, 4 sacks and racked up 27 yards for in losses for the Bengals offense.

Timing couldn't be better for Hall to make an impression. With high expectations in 2000, Hall only managed 2 tackles and a sack, which all came against the New York Giants, even though he appreared in 4 other games.

There's no doubt Hall has made it clear to the staff he wants to be on the team and contribute. He's sent the message that so many camp attendees can't send, the one that says your skill is good enough to lock up a precious roster spot.

There's plenty of position battles to look for in camp, and it will be interesting to see who makes the cut. Hall has taken the neccesary steps toward not being overlooked when the final roster spot is given and the season begins.

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