Striving To Be Consistent

Amid the annual criticism of the Lions' quarterback position, quarterback Charlie Batch has prospered under the Detroit Lions new West Coast offense. But according to Lions' insider Justin VanFulpen, Batch isn't done improving his game -- nor his familiarity with the offense.

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Justin Vanfulpen -

SAGINAW- When April's NFL Draft came around, Lions' fans were screaming that they wanted quarterback Drew Brees to be picked with the Lions first round draft pick. But when the Lions selection surfaced, Brees was still on the board, and the Lions front office and coaching staff passed on him and showed their loyalty to quarterback Charlie Batch. And thus far, after one pre-season game, it looks like it has paid off.

Batch went 5 for 6 while throwing from over 90 yards and a touchdown. Not a bad start for him going into the season, and the veteran Lion is pleased with the way things are going so far.

"I'm satisfied with everything, with the amount we have installed, they was guys pick up things, and phase one of it was to be able to carry it into the game, and it was encouraging to see that in the game," said Batch. "Know it is just still putting things together and correcting the little mistakes that we do have."

But Batch will not rest on what they did in the first pre-season game. He knows that this is just the starting point and he must be consistent.

"You just want to be consistent, I think that even the first game went well you still want to be consistent carrying that into the second game, second game carrying into the third. That is what you have to threw out the season, if you work on that now when the season comes around you can continue to do that," said Batch.

Batch knows that each week, as more games are played that he can check out the tendencies of the team that he is playing, but he says that even with this offense some plays just won't work.

"Each week the more game film you have on them (opponents) you can check tendencies, you can do what ever you want to do. But some plays won't work if they (defense) play's cover two the whole game some of our plays won't work they are not geared for that, so that is just game planning.

The Lions are still in training camp, even with them leaving Saginaw Valley State after their finally two practices today, and they will continue to install more things into their offense.

"We are going to add more stuff. We have to be prepared going into a game, obviously we don't know what to expect but you want to be prepared.

Prepared is something that the Lions will be and head coach Marty Mornhinweg with make sure that Batch and the other quarterback are just that. The Lions first offensive unit in their first pre-season game look good even without two of their top three wide receivers, but like Batch said, it is a matter of being consistent and that is what the Lions' offense is striving for.

Another test comes on Saturday when the Lions play the Colts, and they again will be without Herman Moore and Germane Crowell -- both are going to rest injuries, and the hope to play in the final two pre-season games.

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