Anderson Looks To Shine Again

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Justin Vanfulpen -

PONTIAC- Being a rookie in the NFL is sometimes a hard position to be put into. Some days you look awesome, other days coaches ask themselves is this the guy we really drafted. That has been the case for Lions' 5th round pick Scotty Anderson.

When camp first opened, the player that caught everyone's eye was Anderson. People compared him to a poor-mans Randy Moss because of his ability to make the hard catch look easy, but after a few bad practices and a so-so first pre-season game, Anderson is getting more attention from head coach Marty Mornhinweg but it is more negative then positive right now.

"He had a high level of consistency early in camp, but he's up-and-down lately," Mornhinweg said. "To be a receiver in the NFL, you have to have consistency."

Mornhinweg is talking about consistency both in the games and practices, because in the Lions' first pre-season game Anderson was not consistent.

"We wanted to get him a couple opportunities so we could see if he would take advantage of it, and he hasn't done it up to this point," Mornhinweg said. "He's looked awfully good in many practices, but you've got to be able to do it in a football game."

Anderson was not high on his performance in the Lions opening pre-season game either.

"It was alright," said Anderson. "I was pretty excited and certain plays I ran a little bit faster instead of being patient on some things but I felt pretty good. The game is a lot faster in the NFL, that is true everyone is moving faster but I felt good out there."

Things are different in the NFL besides just the speed of the game, and the West Coast offense you have to know what you have to do on every play.

"I have to focus on every play, cause every play I have a different assignment and sometimes you get to the point where you get start thinking about the last play or the next play and not the present play." continued Anderson. "What I have to do, what release I need to take, what route at what depth and focus on catching the ball every time."

With the Lions' having three veteran receivers on the roster, Anderson is receiving coaching from the coaches and well as his teammates.

"Before I even do make a mistake they will let me know what not to do and what to do, and after I make a mistake they will help me how to overcome that mistake," said Anderson. "Herman, Crowell and Johnnie helped out a lot and it was a big help for me."

Anderson should have plenty of opportunities to show his ability this Saturday when the Lions take on the Colts in their second pre-season game. Since both Germane Crowell and Herman Moore will be out with injuries, and there is a possibility that Larry Foster, the star from last week pre-season game, could be out as well with a strained Achilles.

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