Gameday Turning Point: Lions vs. Packers

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While the turning point in Sunday's 28-6 loss with the Green Bay Packers could have easily occured when the weather went sour and rained on the helpless Lions, or even when a healthy Brett Favre stepped onto the Lambeau Field turf, but it was neither of the above. Although they certainly didn't help Detroit's cause.

Despite already facing a 14-0 deficit, a crucial Charlie Batch mistake all but sealed the Lions' fate Sunday afternoon, but it was enough to qualify as the turning point in the contest.

Packers' sa fety Darren Sharper picks off Charlie Batch's endzone pass to Herman Moore! (AP Photo)

After marching down the field late in the second quarter, the Lions faced a 2nd down opportunity, needing four yards for the first down, and five for their first points of the afternoon.

With just 41 second remaining in the half, Batch rolled around in the pocket before lofting a floater into the middle of the endzone. Intended for wide receiver Herman Moore, the pass went astray, and found the hands of Green Bay defensive back Darren Sharper.

Sharper returned the interception to the one-yard line, where the Packers ran out the remainder of the half.


Below is the drive that led to the turning point: Play-by-play

Time Remaining in 2nd Quarter: 2:05
1-10-GB46 (2:05) Batch pass to Warren to GB 45 for 1 yard.
2-9-GB45 (2:00) Batch right end to GB 38 for 7 yards (Harris w/ Tackle).
3-2-GB38 (1:30) Batch pass to J.Stewart to GB 11 for 27 yards (Williams w/ Tackle).
1-10-GB11 (:51) Batch pass to J.Stewart to GB 5 for 6 yards (Harris w/ Tackle).
2-4-GB5 (:41) Batch pass intended for Moore INTERCEPTED by Sharper at GB -9. D.Sharper to GB 2 for 11 yards (Hoore, Stewart w/ Tackle). Penalty on DET-Stai -- Offensive Holding -- declined.

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