Training Camp Photo Gallery

Lions' rookie receiver Charles Rogers began the process of earning his 6-year, multi-million dollar contract Thursday as Detroit kicked off its training camp. Rookies and selected veterans participated in the camp. Inside is a photo gallery consisting of high quality images of the camp!

Click photo to enlarge. All images courtesy Associated Press (AP).

rogerscatches_small.jpg (4506 bytes)

rogersblocks_small.jpg (6379 bytes)

kircusruns_small.jpg (4554 bytes)

[Rogers hauls in reception]

[Rogers working on
blocking technique]

[David Kircus takes off!]

moochdrummond_small.jpg (43939 bytes)

rogerswalks_small.jpg (6733 bytes)

[Mooch instructs Drummond]

[Rogers heads towards
lock room after media briefing]

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