Batch's Benching Unexpectedly Expected

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Adrian Donofrio -

"Here's the deal, you're the starter."

Those are the words that Ty Detmer heard monday, as he was headed toward the showers.

The writing was on the wall. M&M had their fingers on the trigger on the plane ride here. We've heard it all before, but even hearing it couldn't have prepared you for this.

It all started with Matt Millen trying to strike up a three way deal with the Packers. Reports say that he was trying to get Jaguars QB Mark Brunell and immediately trade him for Matt Hasslebeck. The deal obviously failed, with Hasslebeck going to Seattle. Charlie Batch remained the starter.

Then draft day rolled around. Marty Morhinweg wouldn't rule out the possibility of drafting QB Drew Brees. (Now with the Chargers.) They eventually drafted Mike McMahon in the fifth round, and went back to the talk of "Charlie's our guy," and "His job isn't in jeopardy."

So Batch was the starter, and the feel good story of Jim Harbaugh as the backup and "coming home," to eventually retire in Michigan. Harbaugh wanted to "make his final years special," and "go out with a bang." The only bang for Harbaugh was the sound of him punching the expired Detroit Lions timecard as he was released by the team in favor of newly acquired Ty Detmer.

And if we've heard it once, we've heard it a million times.

"Im not here to compete with Charlie," or "Charlie's job is safe, I'm the backup." Thats what we heard, again.

Fooled not once, but twice. Shame on us.

Ty Detmer was named the starter for the home opener against the Cowboys. Batch wasn't even given the chance to play the lowly D of big D.

"I feel bad for Charlie," Detmer told reporters Monday. "I've been through this type of situation in Philly, and it's not an easy situation to deal with. Its uncomfortable for me as much as it is for him"

Mornhinweg isn't putting Detmer in the best position, either. Detmer inherited this job, and has to deal with team backlash and the possibility of chemistry problems. But these aren't the chemistry problems that stumped you in high school.

"Any problems that the offensive is having is a unit problem, you can't say it's Charlie's fault or the recievers fault, or the offensive line's fault. We all have to take responsibility. It can't all fall on one person." Herman Moore said.

Speaking of the recievers, how many dropped balls did they have? Speaking of the offensive line, how many sacks did they give up?

Granted, Batch did have a bad game. But will the benching of Batch improve the recievers? Will it help the offensive line after giving up SEVEN sacks sunday? Will it help the defense lick the wounds that the Packers inflicted?

No. In fact, in can hurt the offense. Would the outcome in Wisconsin have been different if Detmer started? Even Morhinweg admitted that he was surprised that the Packers scored so early, and so often. Batch actually threw for more yards than Brett Favre did, and Mornhinweg said himself all he wants from his players is production. So why not run the ball? James Stewart didn't even have double digit carries in sunday's loss.

But you can blame everyone for Sunday's loss, as Herman Moore already pointed out. But even Marty Mornhinweg knows better than to bench his whole team.

Or does he?

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"Here's the deal, you're the starter."

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