Mornhinweg has almost lost his team after 1 Week

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PONTIAC - Three years ago, Lions' fans were hit with the same thing, but at least then head coach Bobby Ross was looking towards the future, not to a 33 year old who couldn't stick with one team as a back-up.

Ty Detmer is not the answer for the Detroit Lions at the quarterback position; he might beat the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns and get all the fair weather Detroit Lions fans excited. But he will fail the Lions, who wouldn't be smart to tank the season if they think that Ty Detmer is the answer to their problems.

At least if they go 1-15 they can have the number two pick in the draft in 2002.

If the Lions management and Marty Mornhinweg think like most of the media people do, that Mike McMahon will be the Lions starting quarterback in a year or two, why not have him learn on the job.

Or if the Mornhinweg and Lions GM Matt Millen didn't want Charlie Batch in the first place, why didn't they draft Drew Brees when they had a chance?

One game in horrible weather was not a chance at all; Batch hadn't even got a chance to play with all the regular starters for more than one quarter in the pre-season. After two pre-season games, Batch was the highest rated quarterback in the NFL, he did have a horrible game at Pittsburgh but played well against Tennessee.

This past Sunday, the Lions lost one game in a season of 16 games, with Mornhinweg's move Monday the Lions have lost the whole year. Many people and members of the team say the Lions lost Sunday because Mornhinweg released James Jones on Saturday, and that upset the team since he was a respected veteran and leader, and the way he was cut Saturday a day before the season opens. Now included with this horrible move Monday, because Batch was a very popular player on the team, Mornhinweg might have cost him his job because he has lost the team now.

On Monday and Wednesday, some players that didn't want to go on the record, said that they have lost respect and trust in Mornhinweg in the past few days with his moves to the Lions roster and the way he has done them.

Marty you might want to get your Harley ready, because you might need it soon.

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