Lions Training Camp Photo Gallery [5]

A new series of photos from the Lions' training camp practices in Allen Park, MI! Inside are high quality pics of running back's Avon Cobourne and Autry Denson, rookie defensive tackle Cory Redding and many more.

All photos courtesy of the Associated Press (AP). Do not redistribute without permission.


autrydenson87_small.jpg (5542 bytes) avoncobourne87_small.jpg (4860 bytes) coryredding87_small.jpg (5379 bytes)
Lions' running back Autry Denson
runs with the ball during drills (8/5)
Lions' running back Avon Cobourne
works with a quarterback during practice (8/5)
Rookie defensive end/tackle Cory Redding breaks during practice.  (8/6)
coryreddingdrills87_small.jpg (6254 bytes) devriesdrills87_small.jpg (4330 bytes) drummcatches87_small.jpg (5355 bytes)
Redding and veteran defensive tackle Jared DeVries work on rush drills.  (8/6) DeVries runs during a rush drill.  (8/6) Lions' rookie fullback Brandon Drumm
looks in a reception during practice.  (8/5)
drummruns87_small.jpg (4146 bytes) lukestaley87_small.jpg (4799 bytes)
Drumm runs during a drill.  (8/5) Second-year running back Luke Staley
runs during a drill.  (8/5)

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