Batch a Team Player; No Games this Weekend.

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Justin Vanfulpen -

PONTIAC - Charlie Batch showed his manhood on Wednesday, that he is a team player and doesn't want his personal feud with Mornhinweg and GM Matt Millen to affect the team.

Batch accepted his backup role and met with Mornhinweg Wednesday and told him he was committed to the Detroit Lions and he was angry on Monday, but he told Mornhinweg that he would be prepared to play whenever he is called on. He also told Mornhinweg that when and if he was called on to play that he would play better than he did in the 28-6 loss Sunday at Green Bay.

"I found out what kind of a guy Charlie Batch is," Mornhinweg said.

That is nothing new to Detroit Lions fans, other coaches, his teammates and the media, everyone knows that Batch is a respectable guy.

True, Batch didn't have a great game on Sunday but he is fifth in the NFL in passing yardage. After one game, he was on pace to have over 4,000 passing yards for the season, so it wasn't like the Lions couldn't move the ball Sunday, it was just a few mistakes that cost them the game.

But we can't look to the past, we must continue on and move forward, Ty Detmer is the Detroit Lions starting quarterback until we hear other wise and we never know when Mornhinweg will change his mind.

"(Batch) might be starting next week, you never know. He knows that. He came out today and practiced well," said Detmer. "He's a young player, this isn't the end of his career."

Since Detmer is going to be the starting quarterback he got most of the reps in practice, Detmer practiced alright but he knows that he needs to get something back to make him an effective quarterback in the NFL.

"I know I've got to get the timing back a little bit. I felt I was rushing things every now and then, and didn't have my feet under me maybe like I should have a couple times," said Detmer. "That's just from not doing it, but as the week progresses, you get more comfortable. I felt pretty good about the way things went today. Just keep working and see what happens."

But Detmer won't get to show his ability until September 22, when the Lions go to Cleveland to take on the Browns because the NFL has cancelled the games this weekend because of the tragedy that happened this week in New York. This will be a good thing for Detmer, in a football sense, since he will be able to get work with his receivers over the next 9 days until their next game. This will also allow players to get back to full strength like Lions secondary members Ron Rice, Robert Bailey and Bryant Westbrook, who all now should be able to play when the Lions go to Cleveland. Plus wide receivers Larry Foster and Desmond Howard, who possibly won't have played this Sunday, should be ready September 22.

Former Bills' safety Henry Jones, who was all set to sign with Detroit and start Sunday against the Cowboys, might not sign with them since Ron Rice will be back when the Lions play their next game. There is no word as of yet if these games will be made-up or not but most likely they won't be.

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