Training Camp Photo Gallery [6]

The Detroit Lions have witnessed the return of several players this week, including safety Corey Harris and running back Shawn Bryson. High-quality photos of these players, including more from Lions Training Camp 2003, inside!

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Veteran running back Shawn Bryson looks in a pass during practice. Safety Corey Harris (25) jokes with tight end Matt Murphy. (82) Center Dominic Raiola (51) talks with
veteran guard Ray Brown (left).
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Raiola drills against Toby Golliday. Rookie linebacker James Davis
rusn drills during camp session.
From left: Linebackers James Davis, Boss Bailey, and Jeff Gooch.
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Davis takes instructions from LB
coach Johnny Holland (Gooch on right).
Placekicker Jason Hanson and punter John Jett leave the practice field. Lions' WR Pierre Brown attempts to catch a pass in front of rookie CB Danny Adams
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Wide receiver Scotty Anderson talks
with veteran Shawn Jefferson
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Anderson looks in a reception.

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