Lions vs Packers: Key Matchups

Charles Rogers vs. Green Bay CB's, Joey Harrington vs. Green Bay Defensive Line, Green Bay offensive coaches vs. Kurt Schottenheimer. Adrian Donofrio breaks down the key matchups to look for in Sunday's contest at Green Bay.

Charles Rogers vs. Green Bay CB's

Charles Rogers didn't really show his value in yardage last week, but catching 2 highlight reel touchdowns will get you praise. The coaching staff is doing the right thing in moving Rogers around on the field, which means he is likely to line up across Mike McKenzie and Al Harris. This is definitely a step up from what Charles saw versus the weak secondary of Arizona. It's likely he has a rougher time, but the way Rogers has excelled its also quite possible he makes a few plays. The advantage, however, goes to green Bay on this one.

Joey Harrington vs. Green Bay Defensive Line

Green Bay has a much better defensive line than Arizona and that will likely mean more pressure on Joey Harrington. But if the Detroit offensive line can hold the pass rush off, Joey Harrington will prosper. Harrington put on a clinic last week against the Cards, showing he has the ability to check down every receiver when given the time to scan the field. If he gets the time, expect him to have a performance much like the one he did last week. Not as many TD's, but just as good as far as finding the open and appropriate receiver.

Green Bay offensive coaches vs. Kurt Schottenheimer

Rookie wideout Anquan Boldin tore the Detroit defense apart last week, and Defensive Coordinator Kurt Schottenheimer failed to make adjustments to match someone else up against him. Boldin showed good skill but beating Jimmy Wyrick is not a huge bragging right. It will be interesting to see if Schottenheimer can use CB Dre' Bly against the hot man for Green Bay this week. All signs point to no. Green Bay has more than one weapon at that, even without Donald Driver. Also notable was Detroit was held to only one sack last week. They need to improve on those numbers, or watch the coverage more, one. When a team is suffering in coverage AND sack numbers, you know its a bad defense.

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