Fantasy Lions: Week 2

Fantasy football analysts Josh Turel and Adrian Donofrio share their individual takes on several Lions' players that maybe vying for your fantasy roster. Who do you start? Who do you leave benched? Find out now.

Disclaimer: Fantasy Lions ® analysis is not intended to be relied upon as wage-related Fantasy Football insight. Use below information at your own risk. Good luck!

Joey Harrington
Josh Turel: Don’t let last week’s performance fool you; Joey isn’t a good start this week. The Packers have a very effective pass rush, and an above average secondary. Darren Sharper is one of the best in the biz and should take away the big plays up top, also Mike McKenzie and Al Harris are solid on the corners.

Lets not forget Joey is still young and although he should have a decent outing, your better off looking for another starter at Q this week.

Adrian Donofrio:  If Joey Harrington gets time to check down on all of his wideouts then he should put up decent numbers. He needs a mistake free game this Sunday in order for the Lions to be competitive, because the defense will probably not make many plays for Detroit. If Harrington can find Ricks, the backs, and Bill Schroeder then he might put up some respectable numbers, but he won't have 4 TD's again, and there is likely a better player out there if you don't have him already. (i.e. Mark Brunell).

Olandis Gary/Shawn Bryson/Avon Cobourne
JT: Last week proved none of these guys has emerged as a solid runner yet. The most likely scenario on Sunday is that all three backs will rotate in, which in turn means that none of these guys are solid fantasy options. When backs rotate, fantasy value decreases, and its no telling what the Lions plan is for Sunday, so avoid them at all cost. If you absolutely had to start one of them, Gary will probably get the bigger percentage of carries.

AD: Last week was a pretty vanilla showing by this corp. Bryson showed that he can be a decent pass receiver out of the backfield, but that was about all that was established. Olandis Gary will get the brunt of the load this week although it will still be a cycle of the RB's. Don't start any of these guys. Chances are all of these guys are FA's in your league, so wait to see if one of them steps up this week and takes the starting job. Then make a move. This week though, stay away from all three.

Charles Rogers
JT: At times last week, Rogers simply could not be covered, but things should change against the pack. Rogers will match up against Mike McKenzie, who is one of the better corners in the league. Things don’t get much better downfield, with the two standout safeties Darren Sharper and Anquan Edwards. Rogers has enough play making ability to make something happen, and he should find room over the middle but I wouldn’t expect big numbers out of him. A decent start in three receiver leagues.

AD: Harrington has the accuracy to get the ball to Rogers when he's double covered if needs to, but it probably won't be necessary. It's not likely the Pack double cover Rogers right away, so he might make some noise early. If that's the case, look for Harrington to check down to other receivers to keep Green Bay honest. Rogers will continue to be moved all around field which means both Al Harris and Mike McKenzie will see him. Both are solid, which doesn't bode well for a rookie wideout. Worth a start if you're thin at wide receiver or have a 3 deep league and want potential at the 3rd spot. 

Bill Schroeder
JT: Simply put, avoid him, especially in head to head leagues. Schroeder’s inconsistency has left many a fantasy owner high and dry at the end of the day. You never know which player is going to show up, and these erratic performances really put a damper on Schroeder’s value this week. So far he hasn’t corrected his pulling up habit and he still runs sloppy routes, which all put together make him a player to avoid on a weekly basis.

AD: Schroeder has a ton of potential at the No. 2 spot. If Rogers gets double covered then Schroeder will be open for some potentially big plays. The problem is he doesn't have consistent hands, something pivotal when you have the advantage of single coverage. I'd treat him as you would any speedy rookie wide receiver. He could do extremely well, or he will drop 4 passes and break a route off and force a pick. Unless you are really thin at the wide receiver spot then I wouldn't depend on him breaking his habits this week.

Mikhael Ricks
JT: The Packers retooled their linebacker corp in the offseason, adding SLB Hannibal Navies and moving draft pick Nick Barnett to MLB. Also factor in Na’il Diggs the safeties, and the pass rush, and it will be difficult for Ricks to get open on a consistent basis. Still Ricks is a very good receiving option, and it’s hard to bench him no matter who he plays, if you don’t have a better option, plug him in and expect a decent performance.

AD: Ricks wasn't really looked at last week because the receivers were pretty much open all game. This week will be different, because Green Bay has much stronger corners than Arizona does. But if Green Bay concentrates  on covering the receivers over the top then it will lead to Ricks being open underneath. After the big TE's like Shockey, Gonzalez, and Heap, most TE's are pretty much the same. Ricks is in the upper tier in the league so he wouldn't be such a bad choice.

Jason Hanson
JT: Hanson is still very consistent and accurate inside the 40, and he can still make the long ones to net you big points. Jason will likely to see a good amount of action, mainly because the offense has struggled in past years against the Packers in the red zone. If you don’t have a better option (and there aren’t many) consider picking up him for a week.

AD: Hanson did pretty well last week, gaining his points on extra points. Don't expect Detroit to put 40+ points this week, but it's probable Detroit have to depend on their kicking game to punch in 3 points more than once, and Hanson is not only accurate but has a strong leg. Would be worth a start unless you have a big time kicker starting for you, and chances are you don't.

JT: Do not start period. The defense still isn’t up to fantasy par, and considering the way Anquan Boldin tore up the Lions secondary last week, your fantasy team may be cringing after Brett Favre is done with them, even without Donald Driver.

AD: I know you're probably thinking, Green Bay has a bunch of injuries at wideout, Brett Favre threw 4 picks last week, isn't it time to dust off that Detroit defense and pick them up off the wire? Well,  a rookie wideout in his first NFL game absolutely schooled the Detroit D last week and he was on Arizona to boot. Starting the Detroit defense is simply NOT an option this week. The secondary pick-ups likely won't help immediately, either. Going up against one of the game's best QB's and a very good RB isn't encouraging either. Don't start them. There is likely several defenses in the free agency pool that are worth a start, just keep an eye on who they are playing.

Disclaimer: Fantasy Lions analysis is not intended to be relied upon as wage-related Fantasy Football insight. Use below information at your own risk. Good luck!

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