On Transfers

On the Olsen's departure from Notre Dame. My source told me a story that frankly I couldn't believe. Like most schools they had a mid-camp scrimmage. At ND it was a time where parents are invited for a nice weekend event. The Olsen's father couldn't make the trip, while the mother, who has been sick, traveled 11 hours to see her sons play. In most/all scrimmages basically all players see significant time for evaluation purposes. Apparently during this scrimmage, Chris Olsen, the apparent #2 QB and the MVP of their spring game, did not see any action and was playing behind a true freshman. Greg Olsen, the freshman TE only saw 4-5 plays of action. Post the scrimmage the mother spoke with the coaching staff, including Willingham, and got a very distant response. Needless to say the family was unhappy. Shortly thereafter Chris decided to transfer to UVA, as Al Groh, the coach at UVA is a friend of the Olsen's father. Greg then decided that he wanted to go to Miami, mostly because of the fact that whatever he was promised by the ND coaching staff was not transpiring and the fact that his brother was leaving. Basically, both boys had lost confidence in the ND coaching staff.

There is a moral to this story.  NJ produces very talented athletes and they progress to the next level quite successfully. Not everyone succeeds. Making a football team, on any level, is a competitive challenge. At the college level, being "all state" from anywhere doesn't mean a thing. Also, getting playing time is earned, not given. Many players just have to keep working until they get their shot, which may only come once. Shaun O'Hara is a good example of doing your work and waiting for your shot. On this years RU team there are a couple of players who fit this mold as well. Mike Clancy continues to work and, if someone goes down he will see time. Anthony Cali could also be that type of player. He is learning to be a college QB. No one can challenge his talent. His time will come and if he is ready could become our QB in the future.

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