Lions vs Vikings: Key Matchups

Chris Claiborne vs. Detroit Offense, Kurt Schottenheimer vs. Viking's Offense, and more matchups to watch during Sunday's contest between Vikings and Lions.

Chris Claiborne vs. Detroit Offense

Although he has denied making detrimental comments towards the Lions and the organization, the fact is every Lions player has seen them, including Cory Schlesinger. It will be interesting to see how Chris plays against Detroit with the comments he made and the way he acted last year with the Lions. It's a matchup that will have Detroit fans talking all week no matter who plays better.

Kurt Schottenheimer vs. Viking's Offense

Schottenheimer finally put a slight damper on the opposing passing game last week, but gave up a 100+ yard day to RB Ahman Green. It doesn't matter how well Shaun Rogers and Dan Wilkinson push up the line if the linebackers and safeties wrap people up and bring them down. Kurt needs to address this. It was one of the main points he brought up when he was inducted as the defensive coordinator. The problem is the running game won't be his main concern this week, as he goes up against one of the best QB to WR duo's in the league: Culpepper to Moss. You can't rush Culpepper or he will run for huge yards. But you can't sit back and let him pass to everyone because Detroit has a tremendously weak secondary. Good luck, Kurt, you will definetly need it.

Az-Zahir Hakim vs. Minnesota Defense

Az Hakim finally returns to the field after recovering from a career threatening hip injury and offseason knee arthroscopy. His speed is a welcomed image, and for the first time he will be in the slot, the same place that made him not only famous but dangerous in St. Louis. He could be a huge x-factor in this ballgame. If he is covered by a linebacker, they will get beat. That simple. And if the Vikings drop a safety over to help out, that might open other recievers. For the first time, Detroit has Schroeder as the No. 2 guy, where he was brought in to be, Hakim in the slot, and a promising number one wideout. This could get good.

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