Fantasy Lions: Week 3

Fantasy football analysts Josh Turel and Adrian Donofrio share their individual takes on several Lions' players that maybe vying for your fantasy roster. Who do you start for Week 3? Who do you leave benched? Find out now.

Disclaimer: Fantasy Lions ® analysis is not intended to be relied upon as wage-related Fantasy Football insight. Use below information at your own risk. Good luck!

Joey Harrington
Josh Turel: Joey Harrington is not the reason for his measly fantasy numbers last week. When the receivers can simply not catch the ball, what is a quarterback to do? However, the conditions will be a lot better inside the dome, Charles Rogers should be a better option, and Az Zahir Hakim may be back on the field. The Lions haven’t run the ball effectively and Joey may have to gun it out if the Vikes get up early. The risk and rewards is at about the same level, so it’s either a boom or bust week for Harrington, your call on this one.

Adrian Donofrio: Harrington comes away from an absolutely awful game against Green Bay. His timing with his recievers was off, his accuracy was sub-par, and his rhythm was not there. This week's game won't be as bad as last week, but don't expect numbers as good as the Cardinal game in week one. If you have a team with strong running backs and a good defense, then you can afford the risk of starting Harrington on his potential. If you have a team that needs to gain points at the quarterback position, then it may not be a great idea to start Harrington. Despite everything that happened last week though, he would probably make a decent start.

Olandis Gary/Shawn Bryson/Avon Cobourne
Second-to-last in rushing yards, and no clear cut back. Avoid all 3.

AD: Outside of insanity, there is really no reason to start ANY of these three running backs. Take out the Vikings' Chris Hovan, one of the best D-Lineman in the game, and it would still be a poor decision. You shouldn't even have any of these guys on your bench, let alone as your starters.

Charles Rogers
May face another tough week if he doesn’t get physical. Denard Walker, who Rogers will be matched up against, loves to play a physical game and has great size. However, Denard isn’t a great cover guy, especially down the field. He lacks speed and isn’t good at going up for the ball. If Rogers can beat the jam, don’t be surprised if he catches a bomb or two, and finds the end zone at least once. A good start.

AD: Rogers had another 30 yard game last week, and was partially responsible for an interception. But with that said, this Vikings' secondary isn't near what Green Bay has. Harrington insists that coverages are taking away the deep ball, but Rogers has been open deep on more than one occassion. The coaching staff is likely to say something to Harrington about that, and Detroit can take a few shots deep to Rogers. He would make a good start as a third option. That's likely to be said for the rest of the year.

Bill Schroeder
JT: Don’t hear me say this much, but Schroeder may be a option if your in a deep league. The reason is, both of the corners for the Vikings are slow, they live off the press. Like Rogers, if Billy can keep Brian Williams off him, he just may be able to kick it into 2nd gear and make something happen down field. Still a risk, but against a slow secondary, Schroeder could be the x-factor.

AD: Shroeder's inconsistency really outweighs his potential, which says a lot. He has very good speed, great athleticism, and schooled everyone in training camp. But his outright drops and poor play really scares fantasy owners away. One week he can be what he is supposed to be, and another he can look like the reincarnation of Brian Stablien. In most ten team leagues, guys like Terry Glenn, who is coming off a 100+ yard performance versus a strong Giants defense, are available. Even Glenn's counterpart, Antonio Bryant, would be a better option. If you have a league with over 10 teams and need a WR, you shouldn't feel terrible for starting Schroeder. Just don't feel great about it, either.

Mikhael Ricks
Ricks faces an excellent coverage linebacking core. Chris Claiborne, Henri Crockett are very good athletes and solid in coverage. Minnesota will also run a lot of nickel Sunday, which they will sub in rookie hot shot E.J. Henderson. These 3 combine for quite a tandem that has range and coverage skills. Ricks was a non factor against Green Bay's fast linebackers, so until he puts in a solid performance, bench him.

AD: It's likely Ricks just came off his worst performance as a pro last week against Green Bay. He was partially responsible for an interception, dropped two passes where he was wide open (on the same route, no less.) and he's going up against a pretty strong linebacking corp this week as well. TE's really don't gain a lot of points in most leagues, so it wouldn't kill your team to start him, especially since there aren't many options out there. It's likely he won't have a great game, but he would have to try pretty hard to be as dismal as he was last week.

Jason Hanson
Hanson has seen a good amount of action in the Lions previous two games, and I don’t see anything different happening this week. Hanson’s 50+ yarder against the Packers netted his owners big points (and helped Adrian beat me by one point!). I can see Jason putting a few deep one's through the uprights this week. Start 'em.

AD: Hanson continues to be a good start for fantasy teams. The Detroit offense is good enough to move the ball against this Vikings D, which means either at least a few field goals and/or an extra point or two. He has a strong leg, and has very good accuracy. Ahead of Jason Hanson on my team lies one of the most accurate kickers in the game in Olindo Mare, and I will likely start Hanson ahead of him, as I have done for the past two weeks.

Not a good matchup for the Lions D. Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss are a very lethal combo, and the Vikings do an excellent job with their running backs. The loss of Michael Bennett hasn’t hurt as bad because the Vikings rotate their backs, and the play calling is determined by the backs' strength. Onterrio Smith has the speed, Doug Chapman has the power, and Moe Williams has the combo of both. Couple that with the awesome Offensive line and the Vikings still have a solid running game. The team also uses Hunter Goodwin and Jim Kleinsasser effectively in its H-back, tight end system. A seemingly bullet proof offense that makes Detroit a non-fantasy option.

AD: This is almost as bad a start as the Detroit running backs. Moss and Culpeppers will likely light up Detroit. And if it isn't Moss, it will be someone else. And if Detroit gets a pass rush going, Daunte will start running, where he is equally dangerous. Detroit can get all the push they want out of their defensive lineman, but if they don't finish their tackles then it's really pointless. Do not start under any circumstances.

Disclaimer: Fantasy Lions ® analysis is not intended to be relied upon as wage-related Fantasy Football insight. Use below information at your own risk. Good luck!

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