Lions starting QB for 2002?

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Justin Vanfulpen -

If you think that the way to solve the Lions' quarterback problems is going to have to be done with the 2002 draft, then these are some of the quarterback prospects that could be lining up under center for Detroit in September 2002.


1. David Carr, Fresno State, Senior 6-3 220 Carr has toughness and leadership to go along with strong-arm. He has very good size and has some running ability that NFL scouts look for in the quarterback position.

2. Joey Harrington, Oregon, Senior 6-3 211 Harrington is a winner, and he has the size and arm strength to play in the NFL. He needs to improve on his accuracy to be a top draft pick, but can move around and make plays when things break down.

3. David Garrard, East Carolina, Senior 6-3 241 Garrard has the size and the arm strength and is still improving his overall game. At the end of the season he could be the top senior quarterback in this class. Some people compare him to Daunte Culpepper because of his size and arm strength.

4. Kurt Kittner, Illinois 6-2 207, Senior Kittner is a tough player, who is mobile and avoids making big mistakes. But he is not flashy and lacks arm strength to be a top NFL prospect. The lack of arm strength is what is going to hurt him in the NFL because he can't throw the deep out on a line like they need to be thrown.

5. David Neill, Nevada, Senior 6-5 210 Neill has great size and can move. He has good arm strength and potential but his down fall is that he is not very consistent.


1. Chris Simms, Texas, Junior 6-5 222 Simms will be a full time starter this season and if he plays to the ability that everyone thinks he can he could be at the top of the list and the number one draft choice come April if he decides to leave Texas early. He has everything coach in the NFL look for a big arm with good touch and ability to move around in the pocket. Most people think that his dad (Phil Simms, former New York Giants star quarterback) will make sure that he stays in for his senior year.

2. Ken Dorsey, Miami (FL), Junior 6-5 200 Dorsey before the season made an announcement that he would return for his senior season, but that could change if he win the National Championship and the Hesiman trophy. Dorsey is as cool as the come and some think that he might be the best QB to come out of Miami and that is saying something since Jim Kelly was a quarterback at Miami. He needs to add some bulk to his frame, but he spreads the ball around to all areas of the field.

3. Carson Palmer, USC, Junior 6-4 220 Palmer has been an underachiever, but he has everything that NFL scouts look for. He has good size, strength and decent foot speed. The new staff and system at USC should allow Palmer to shake the label of underachiever.

4. Jason Thomas, UNLV, Junior 6-3 238 Thomas transfer from USC , and has all the skills that NFL looks for in the new bread of quarterbacks, and still has room to improve. He hasn't play great this season so far, but still has time to develop. Some people compare him to a player like Donovan McNabb.

5. George Godsey, Georgia Tech, Junior 6-2 210 Godsey has a huge upside, he has the size and the arm strength to play in the NFL. With a good junior season and some more development could move way up the chats.

6. Dave Ragone, Louisville, Junior 6-4 200 Ragone is a better prospect than the last quarterback in Louisville Chris Redman, who is with the Ravens. Ragone has a huge upside but he would be best if he stayed in school another year.

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