Fantasy Lions: Week 5

Fantasy football analysts Josh Turel and Adrian Donofrio share their individual takes on several Lions' players that maybe vying for your fantasy roster. Who do you start for Week 5? Who do you leave benched? Find out now.

Joey Harrington
Adrian Donofrio: The Niner's defense doesn't look good this season. The secondary has given up a good amount of yards, and if Joey Harrington can pull it together he can compile a good game. He consistently overthrew targets and threw balls way too high last week. Hopefully Steve Mariucci remedies this. You shouldn't feel bad if you start Joey Harrington this week, just don't expect a whole lot.

Josh Turel: Joey isn't a good option this week. He faces a secondary that is vulnerable but ranks 7th in the league. Safeties Zack Bronson and Tony Parrish are studs and will limit Joey's ability to hook up with his receivers deep. Ahmed Plummer is a standout at corner and Mikhael Ricks will likely be shutout (again) as well. With thee emergence of a semi-successful run game, i see Joey getting less tosses. He has yet to step up and show something that would warrant consideration.

Shawn Bryson/Olandis Gary
AD: Well, Bryson put together a decent game last week, and Gary looked good if you take out the bonehead penalties committed by various Detroit Lions players that negated the majority of his yards. If you are decimated at running back, and need to start one of these players, Bryson would be the guy to choose, although there are probably better options out there.

JT: Shawn Bryson had an unlikely standout performance against a tough Broncos run defense. His yards have looked decent, but he has only found the end zone once so far. He will face a stout 49ers run defense, ranking 5th in the league. If a bye week has sidelined one of your starting running backs, picking up Bryson in a deep league (+10 teams) would be smart considering he should be one of the few starters left on waivers. If your league has 10 or less teams, there will likely be more productive options available.

Charles Rogers
AD: Rogers had a good game last week, although he didn't garner a ton of points. The key in a lot of leagues is getting into the endzone. Rogers jaunted in for one score, but still put up vanilla numbers in regards to fantasy points. He is still the best Lions receiver when it comes to fantasy options. The 49ers should give up at least 60 yards to him, perhaps a touchdown.

JT: I won't say I told you so but I called "80 yards and a touchdown" last week, actual result- 62 yards and a touch. Rogers has been able to score on a consistent basis, but hasn't been a big yardage guy. Charles will be matched up with Ahmed Plummer who is a standout short to intermediate cover guy. Plummer will likely hold Rogers to around 60 yards but I see Mr. Rogers finding the end zone at least once.

Bill Schroeder
AD: Nothing ever changes with Schroeder. It's a real roll of the dice. This could be the week where he breaks out and puts up a 100 yard game, or this could be a week like most where he catches 2 balls for 25 yards with 2 drops. You can never tell. He should be putting up much better numbers. Granted, his quarterback is young and inconsistent, but Schroeder has yet to do what any decent #2 receiver does. Once again, start at your own risk.

Az-Zahir Hakim
AD: He didn't really electrify anyone last week when he returned punts, but Denver's coverage teams are superb. Look for him to do a little better this week. He could go up against versatile linebacker Julian Peterson, if the 49ers respect Hakim enough to put one of their best defenders on him. That match up would be an interesting one, not to mention close. Charles Rogers is still the best receiving option on this team, and if you had to choose between the two, select Rogers.

JT: Not much to say here, Hakim hasn't proven to be of any fantasy value so far, and until he does, Avoid!

Mikhael Ricks
AD: Ricks still hasn't shown he is the same threat he was last year when he was a Pro Bowl alternate. I don't really expect this to be the week Ricks returns to last year's form. Julian Peterson will likely be the player matching up with him this week, and if that's the case, don't expect Ricks to make much of an impact at all. Don't start.

JT: Don't expect Ricks to have a breakout game this week. He faces a very good coverage group of linebackers and safeties. Ricks has lost Harrington's confidence and won't get many balls thrown his way Sunday. All things considered, I wouldn't consider starting Ricks, and your better off dumping him and finding a better option on waivers.

Detroit Defense
AD: Detroit has given up more fantasy points to quarterbacks than any other fantasy defense. DO NOT START. Although if you have Jeff Garcia, expect some pretty good points.

JT: Too many weapons of offense for the Lions defense to warrant a start. Jeff Garcia is a playmaking quarterback, T.O is well, T.O and Barlow/Hearst run the committee backfield effectively. For defense's you want a team that can hold teams to low scores and make alot of turnovers and sacks. Although the Lions D does create quite a few turnovers, they lack in other two categories and they wont net you very many points. Bench em.

Jason Hanson
AD: He'd make a pretty good start here. Really, unless you have one of the top 3 kickers, then it's really a toss-up when predicting which kicker in the league will put up the big numbers. Hanson is a good an option as any.

JT: A solid start. Hanson has knocked down two kicks already from past 50 and if your league is big on long field goals, than Hanson is your man. The Lions offense is starting to move the ball more effectively and Jason should get a several field goal chances Sunday, and judging by Mariucci's confidence in him, he may boot another long ball to boost your points!

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