Fantasy Lions: Week 7

Fantasy football analysts Josh Turel and Adrian Donofrio share their individual takes on several Lions' players that maybe vying for your fantasy roster. Who do you start for Week 7? Who do you leave benched? Find out now.

Joey Harrington:
Josh Turel: Dont even think of starting Harrington. Without Charles Rogers, he is left without his top offensive weapon, and will have to rely on very inconsistent players such as Mikhael Ricks, Az Hakim and Bill Schroeder. Add in a stout Dallas defense, and Joey is a non option.

Adrian Donofrio: I see Harrington keeping his interception binge going this week. It could be Terrance Newman, it could be Roy Williams. It doesn't matter. Add to that fact that Charles Rogers is out, and you've got a recipe for disaster when you talk about Harrington on your fantasy team. Don't start.

Shawn Bryson:
JT: Olandis Gary is taking quite a few carries away from Shawn, and Bryson will also be facing a tough Cowboys rush defense that ranks 3rd in the league, allowing only an average of three yards a carry. Thats even scarry for Preist Holmes, Bryson is defintely a non start.

AD: I don't see any of these backs doing much, and I also predict Detroit falling behind, which will force them to pass more. As always, I'd stay away from all of them, but if you lost a bet or something and have to start one of them, make it Bryson.

Az-Zahir Hakim:
JT: He may be a starter for the Lions, but don't let him anywhere near your starting lineup. Eight receptions thus far isn't a solid foundation to place your trust in Hakim. Az struggled last year as a starter, and things aren't likely to change. Stay clear of him.

AD: He's probably the best recieving option out there for Detroit. He really needs a big game this year. He hasn't really done much of anything as of yet and will need to prove he is just as good and deadly as he was last year for the Lions before getting hurt. I'd probably wait a week or two until he plays a weaker defense, especially since there are a lot of wideouts out there that would be better options to start (i.e. Antonio Bryant, Corey Bradford).

Mikhael Ricks:
JT: Probably the only player who will benefit from the loss of Charles Rogers fantasy wise is Ricks. After an unexpected big game from him last week, Joey may be looking to the 6'6 tight end alot more often. Sadly enough, Ricks may be Joey's most reliable target on Sunday -- ouch. Another aspect you must consider is the weak coverage skills of SAM linebacker Al Singleton and WILL linebacker, Dexter Coakley, who are both vastly undersized and will have a difficult time guarding Ricks. Expect another surprise big day for Mikhael. If you got him, plug him in and expect good things, if hes a free agent, grab him.

AD: He is starting to take a step back and just take a deep breath and getting back to just catching the ball, which helps. Before he was trying to do too much, but two weeks ago he had a decent showing in his last game, and he is speaking as if he wants to make up for his poor performances this year. I'd maybe start him, and hope he continues to rebound, but you have to remember the defense he's going up against. He's not going to get past Roy Williams often if at all, and if he catches underneath him he'd better be ready for a few hard knocks. Keep that in mind in deciding on whether or not you want to start him; its a toss up for me.

Jason Hanson:
JT: Historically, Jason has been very active when the Lions meet up with the "boys", but dont expect the 4-5 field goal type games hes had in the past. The offense will obviously not be able to move the ball much, so it will limit Jason's attempts, but I still see him making a pair of 40+ field goals. Not a great start, but if your kicker is on a bye week, he's worth a look.

AD: He has been strong so far this year, speaking fantasy football of course. Would make a decent start. He probably won't be punching a whole lot of XP's but I'm sure he'll knock in a field goal or two.

JT: The Dallas offense is too explosive and balanced to be held in restraint by the Lions. Quincy Carter hasn't made too many mistakes this year, and I dont see the Lions getting too many turnovers, sacks or returns.

AD: I could pretty much copy and paste the same response every week. But no, I sit here and devise a new snippett every time, trying to rephrase how stupid it would be to start this defense. For you, the reader, I keep things fresh. Hard work,  hard work indeed. What's even harder work is trying to stop the Cowboys' #1 ranked offense when you have quite possibly the worst defense in the league, especially when it comes to giving up pass yards.

NOTES from Adrian Donofrio: Two players to keep an eye on for Detroit is WR Scotty Anderson, and WR Reggie Swinton. If Anderson starts over Shawn Jefferson, he could make some things happen. With only 2 receptions this year, Anderson has made one of them a score, and the other what is the longest pass play for Detroit this year. Talk about making the best of things ..... Swinton will get return work ... if your league rewards you big for those yards and TD's, keep an eye on him at least. I don't expect much of a guy on his 3rd team this year, but it IS the NFL.

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