Week 7: Staff Predictions

The LionsFans.com staff makes its weekly predictions. This week: Cowboys @ Lions.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider (3-2)
The home crowd will energize Detroit early on and they’ll need to take advantage of the momentum and then try to hang on.

PICK: Dallas 20 - Detroit 17

Josh Turel - Staff Writer (5-0)
The Cowboys are doing an incredible job under Bill Parcells. The Dallas offense has put up an average of 364.6 yards a game ranking 4th in the league. The passing and run games are clicking and Parcells has his team well prepared and focused for each game. Add into the mix a dominant defense that only allows 259 yards a game, I dont see Harrington and the rag tag offense having a chance. Expect a rout. (Ed. Note: Two weeks ago, Josh Turel called the San Francisco game exactly, 24-17)

PICK: Dallas 24 --  Detroit  3

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer (5-0)
Hmm .... #1 offense vs. one of the worst defenses in the league? Three very hot recievers going up against a stitched up Frankenstein-like secondary? Sounds like the makings for a close and exciting game of football to me, boys. I know you're probably sitting there thinking, "Adrian, now I know you're smart and incredibly talented, but the 'Boys haven't beat a strong opponent this year!" Well that won't happen this week, either, as they take on THE Detroit Lions. If beating weak teams is Dallas' forte, they shouldn't have a problem this week.

PICK: Detroit 17  --  Dallas 24

Nick West - Staff Writer (4-1)
Who would have thought Parcells could turn the 'Boys around so quickly?  More importantly for Lions fans, who would have thought Mariucci could struggle as bad as the maligned former head coach Marty Morhninweg?  The team mentality is nowhere near the level of the 5-27 squads of the Morhninweg era, but the talent level is. Last season's Cowboys are opposite of this season's Lions.  The 'Boys had the talent, just not the head coach.  The Lions don't have the talent, but have the head coach.  Parcells probably won't out-coach Mariucci this game, but will win because his talent level is superior. 

PICK: Dallas 28 --  Detroit 17

Nate Caminata - Publisher (1-4)
History teaches some very important lessons. Apparently, my fellow staffers weren't paying attention <g>. The Dallas Cowboys have historically struggled with Detroit, especially in the last 12 years. Did we already forget how the Super Bowl-bound '95 Cowboys were so nervous entering the post-season that they spent an entire week game planning for Detroit? Fortunately for Dallas, Philly -- by way of pure luck -- hammered Detroit 58-37 in the first round. Regardless of their roster make-up, Dallas can't, and won't, win in Detroit. Records can be decieving, especially this early in the season. You heard it hear first.

PICK: Detroit 28 --  Dallas 13

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