The Top Young Unrestricted Free-Agents for 2002

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Justin Vanfulpen -

It is never to early to plan for the future, so I went ahead and put together a list of young and talented free-agents that will become unrestricted free-agents for the 2002 season. You will find no Quarterback listed because there is no real young hot quarterback that will be on the market after this season. You won't find any guys that are in their 30's on this list.


Defense Ends: There really are only three defense ends that have a high value in the free-agent market.

DE Kenny Mixon, Miami Dolphins

DE Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

DE Bryan Robinson, Chicago Bears

Line Backers: If you are looking for a young and talented linebacker there are a few in this group that could help your team in 2002.

LB Sam Cowart, Buffalo Bills

LB Kevin Hardy, Jacksonville Jaguars

LB James Farrior, New York Jets

LB Jeremiah Trotter, Philadelphia Eagles

LB Donnie Edwards, Kansas City Chiefs

LB Greg Favors, Tennessee Titans

LB Steve Foley, Cincinnati Bengals

LB Kailee Wong, Minnesota Vikings

Cornerback: There are a few top flight cornerbacks and with all the 3 and 4 wide receivers packages in the NFL you need 3 or 4 good corners to covers these guys.

CB Duane Starks, Baltimore Ravens

CB Bryant Westbrook, Detroit Lions

CB Dainon Sidney, Tennessee Titans

CB Corey Chavous, Arizona Cardinals

CB Fred Weary, New Orleans Saints

CB Tom Knight, Arizona Cardinals

CB Artrell Hawkins, Cincinnati Bengals

CB Walt Harris, Chicago Bears

Safeties: This is a good group of safeties and these players will get looks from other teams.

S Eric Brown, Denver Broncos

S Shaun Williams, New York Giants

SS Tony Parrish, Chicago Bears

SS Pat Tilman, Arizona Cardinals


Running Backs: There are really only two young running back that have proven anything in the NFL that are free-agents.

RB Michael Pittman, Arizona Cardinals

RB James Allen, Chicago Bears

Wide Receivers: Most of these players have played up and down but could have a break-out year because they all have talent.

WR Germane Crowell, Detroit Lions

WR Donald Hayes, Carolina Panthers

WR Jerome Pathon, Indianapolis Colts

WR/PR Az-Zahir Hakim, St. Louis Rams

WR Jacquez Green, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

WR Reidel Anthony, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

WR Joe Jurevicius, New York Giants

WR Patrick Johnson, Baltimore Ravens

Tight Ends: The Chiefs won¡¯t allow Gonzalez on the open market but all other teams can dream.

TE Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City Chiefs

TE Cam Cleeland, New Orleans Saints

TE David Sloan, Detroit Lions

TE Damon Jones, Jacksonville Jaguars

Offensive linemen: Talented group of young o-linemen that will make some money after this season.

OT Tarik Glenn, Indianapolis Colts

C Olin Kreutz, Chicago Bears

G Chris Naeole, New Orleans Saints

LT Jason Fabini, New York Jets

G Benji Olson, Tennessee Titans

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