Fantasy Lions: Week 8

Fantasy football analysts Josh Turel and Adrian Donofrio share their individual takes on several Lions' players that maybe vying for your fantasy roster. Who do you start against the Chicago Bears? Who do you leave benched? Find out now.

Joey Harrington
Josh Turel: The passing game is a mess, and it's not looking like its going to improve any time soon. No more words are needed, Do not start Harrington.

Adrian Donofrio: Harrington will start this game despite being benched for a half last weekend. If there is a defense that he can rebound against, it's Chicago's. I still see him throwing another pick, but I think he will put points on the board this week, but this time for Detroit, and not the opposition. If your starter is on a bye week, and you don't have anyone else available, he'd make a decent start. He has something to prove this week.

Shawn Bryson/Running Backs
JT: Call me crazy (who hasn't) but, you should give Shawn Bryson a look this week. Say what? Even though Olandis Gary has been taking carries away from Shawn, and the run game isn't exactly clicking, Chicago's run defense is about as easy to run on as a Madden tutorial on easy mode. They rank 31st in run defense, giving up almost 4.9 yards a carry. They also are susceptible to long runs and screen passes as well. Obviously starting any Lion player is risky, but slipping Bryson into your lineup for a bye weeker could pay off.

AD: Last year James Stewart had great success running against Brian Urlacher because Marty Mornhinweg ran right at the star MLB. Of course, Cory Schlesinger's bruising blocks helped, but the idea behind it was right on. This time around, it might not matter, because the Lions RB's have been lucky if they penetrate the line, let alone get to the linebackers. I'd wait and see how this corp does, and if they do well, keep it in mind the next time they play Chicago. Otherwise, don't bother.

Bill Schroeder
AD: I'm officially giving up on him from now on. With that said, he should light the Bears up. Take that for what it's worth -- but if you've seen Bill play this year, you really shouldn't need my opinion.

Az-Zahir Hakim
JT: No longer the playmaker the Lions had hoped for him to be. Hakim has a bad case of the dropsies...and combined with the lackluster quarterback situation, don't start.

AD: Without getting punt and kick return yards, Hakim is no longer a legit option anymore. The best idea is just to watch him and see if he does well. If he does, pick him up, trade him while he's hot, and enjoy ripping some poor fool off with whatever you get in return.

Mikhael Ricks
JT: I stuck my neck out for Ricks last week, and got burned. It's a good example of his play, extremely inconsistent. On paper he looks like a good option, but come gametime, he's a non factor. Don't start.

AD: Ricks is still searching for the form that made him a Pro Bowl alternate last year. He used to be a good deep threat, especially in the middle of the field in the seams. This year is different. He hasn't been able to get open, and when he has, he has dropped the ball more often than not. I don't think it's a matter of him underachieving this year, I think it was a matter of him overachieving this year. I wouldn't start him.

Jason Hanson
JT: Hanson is starting to slip as a fantasy option. The terrible Lions offense is certainly hurting his production. Besides his two 50 yarders...Hanson only has four other field goals. Until he starts putting in some multiple kick performances, stay clear.

AD: Sadly, Jason Hanson has been the most consistent scorer on the Lions squad. His offense couldn't even give him a single FG attempt last week. The Chicago defense is a little different from the Dallas one though, that much is obvious. I fully expect Jason to get at least one try, but who knows with how this offense performed last week. Kickers are always hard to predict, so listen to your gut feeling, and then go against it. That's really your best option in today's NFL.

JT: The Lions defense gives up way to many points and haven't been getting too many interceptions, fumbles, or sacks, so, like every other week. Avoid them, even though they are playing a below average offense.

AD: Until cloning Dre Bly becomes a viable option, continue to stay away. Watch the Bears' offense this week, and if it does poorly, then remember it next time. I think Detroit's Defense can actually do pretty well against Chicago, but it's simply too much of a risk to take the initiative.

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