Week 8: Staff Predictions

The LionsFans.com staff makes its weekly predictions. This week: Lions @ Bears.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider (4-2)
Although this is a perfect time for Detroit to get a road win, Chicago is also thinking this is the perfect time for a home win. And, while it goes against everything he's shown this season, I think Harrington will come out and play a stellar game now that he knows he's not untouchable in Detroit. Pressure can be an amazing motivator.

One silver lining in all of this that Lions fans can take heart is that if Detroit loses this one, it puts Matt Millen, the worst GM in all of football, one step closer to being out of the door.

PICK:  Detroit 17 -- Chicago 16

Josh Turel - Staff Writer (6-0)
The way the Lions are playing on both sides of the ball, its hard to envision them beating anybody. Chicago on the other hand has fought tough the past few weeks, and against the Lions, their hard work will pay off.

PICK:  Chicago 17 --  Detroit 6

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer (6-0)
This could turn out to be a shootout with two weak defenses unsuccessfuly trying to stop the opponent, or it could turn out to be one of the most boring games with a very low score. Both defenses are just poor enough for that not to happen. Joey Harrington won't play great, but he won't play poorly either. Another week, another loss? Not this time. The Lions will finally end that damned road losing streak, and there will be riots in the streets of Detroit. OK, maybe not, but they still win.

PICK:  Detroit: 21  --  Chicago: 14

Nick West - Staff Writer (5-1)
This is the week, folks.  Joey Harrington is going to break out of his slump.   No Charles Rogers?  No running game?  No defense?  No problem for Mr. Harrington.  He is going to make key plays that keep drives moving, put points on the board, and give the Lions their first road win in over two seasons.  Besides, the Bears are one of a few teams in the NFL that are playing at the same level as the Lions.   As always, this game should be a barn-burner. 

PICK: Detroit 16  --   Chicago 13

Nate Caminata - Publisher (1-5)
This is a make-or-break game for Detroit. If the Lions lose to the 1-5 Bears, and drop alone into the division cellar, expect heads to roll in the front office. Joey Harrington deserved to be benched, but he didn't deserve to lose his job. There is a difference. Steve Mariucci recognizes that difference, but will Harrington? It'll be up to 'Franchise' to respond to the criticism, and the benching, and rest his critics for at least a week. Remember, Harrington is recognized as much for his onfield skill as his mental brilliance. The kid will respond ... in dramatic fashion.

PICK: Detroit 35 -- Chicago 13

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