Week 9: Staff Predictions

The LionsFans.com staff makes its weekly predictions. This week: Raiders @ Lions.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider (4-3)
No pick available.

Josh Turel - Staff Writer (7-0)
The Lions and the Raiders share alot of the same problems. Old age, young starters, and costly injuries have plagued both clubs. The difference is, the Raiders know what its like to win games. The Lions need some more experience in that aspect. To be honest, the Lions will have a good shot at winning this game, but it must be on pure intangibles. I would risk my undefeated status if I didn't see the lack of effort and desire last week, so Ill take the safe bet and call a Raiders victory.

PICK: Raiders 24  --  Lions 10

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer (6-1)
Yes Father, I have sinned. I actually predicted the Lions to win last week. Not even a few Hail Mary's could save the Lions, nor will they save Nate's record so far. No Father, I won't make the same mistake again, and no Father the Lions won't win this week. If the Bears corners can cover our number one wideouts, Charles Woodson and Co. should have no problem. Have fun, Charles, you could have a job in Detroit next year. The offense will do a little better but it won't amount to much when we're talking points. Raiders by plenty, and a hardy welcome into the league for Marques Tuiasosopo.

PICK: Raiders 27  --  Lions 10

Nick West - Staff Writer (5-2)
No pick available

Nate Caminata - Publisher (1-6)
Oh, ye of little faith. Although it's an odd coincidence that my overall picks record is identical to that of Detroit's, don't expect that to change. The Oakland Raiders start a young quarterback with a bit of a team controversy brewing between players and head coach Bill Calahan. Expect the Lions defense to throw some curve balls at Raiders' QB Marques Tuiasosopo, and establish a solid running game against a struggling Oakland rush defense. Lions pull out a win in a slug fest.

PICK: Lions 17 --  Raiders 13

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