Fantasy Lions: Week 9

Fantasy football analyst Adrian Donofrio share their individual takes on several Lions' players that maybe vying for your fantasy roster. Who do you start against the Oakland Raiders? Who do you leave benched? Find out now.

Joey Harrington
Adrian Donofrio: I wouldn't start him until Charles Rogers comes back, which could be as late as next year, and as early as a couple weeks. Even when Rogers comes back, Joey is not an instant start. The only reciever who is getting any seperation is Scotty Anderson, and the coaching staff isn't giving him much playing time. Joey Harrington is probably not going to get another start on any team for the rest of the year.

Shawn Bryson/Olandis Gary
AD: Keep an eye on Bryson, he's averaging over 4 yards a carry, he's just not getting a lot of carries. That's due partially to Olandis Gary and also because the Lions have been falling behind quickly, essentially negating the run. Keeping an eye on Bryson is about all you should do, though. The Raiders have one of the weaker run defenses in the league, but thats's not enough to start either running back.

Bill Schroeder
AD: Good news: Schroeder didn't drop a pass last week. Bad news: His numbers probably weren't enough to gain you more than 2 points in your league. Don't bother.

Mikhael Ricks
AD: Probably the only worthy look on the Lions offense, the sad thing is that's all he should be, is looked at. It's like a novelty pencil. You buy it thinking it's great and ten minutes after having it at home, you realize it's pretty much a waste and useless.

Jason Hanson
AD: It's a sad thing when you can't even pencil in Jason Hanson as a potential starter. The offense is just not giving him the opportunities he needs to be worth something on your fantasy team. If they can't move the rock against the Bears, then you know something's wrong.

Detroit Defense
AD: Uh, NO.

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