Defense Is Key To Bottling Up Rams Offense

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Adrian Donofrio -

Heading into the Lions' big Monday Night encounter with the St. Louis Rams (3-0), many have already written off the Lions (0-2) as a possible winner.

But those who are going to tune in are keeping their sights on one, Ty Detmer. Sounds logical, after all, this IS the Ty Detmer who threw seven interceptions to the Brown's Defense in week 2. But coming off a bye week more than likely helped him, and Detmer isn't likely to top himself this week.

What everyone should be looking at is the Lions' defense and how it relates to the offense. If the Lions can do a few things on defense, it's possible Detroit can upset a national viewing audience as we've seen in past nationally televised Lions' games.

1. Force Turnovers. This is big. If they can force even one fumble or pick the ball off and score with it, it can make a big difference. Remember, this defense specialized in turnovers just one year ago, and defensive coordinator Vince Tobin simply improved on it.

2. Timing. The defense needs big plays at key times. 3rd down situations will be pecious against the Rams offense, and they need to stop them on 3rd down. They need those big plays when they're needed the most.

3. Pray. They need to hope the offense capitalizes on the opportunities given to them. They need the offense to burn the clock, also, so they have enough time to regroup.

It sounds so simple, but looking at the first two games, it can be more difficult than it sounds. The defense plays a huge role in deciding the Lions' fate in a long shot home opener, just as it did in 1999 against the eventual Super Bowl champs.

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