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Justin Vanfulpen
Detroit looks to get its first win on Monday Night Football. Will it happen? No one is giving them a shoot to do that. The Rams have a high powered offense, and the Lions defense has gotten beat the last two games big time. But this game is at home. Will anything be different? No. Expect St. Louis to rack it up. But the question will be can the Lions score as many point with Ty Detmer at the helm.

RAMS: 35 LIONS: 24

Adrian Donofrio
The Lions are 0-2, and they are looking for their first 'W' of the season against the high octane Rams. If the Lions are to have any chance in this game, they are going to need a high turnover ratio in their favor, play sound football and use clock control. That means no 3-and-outs, and ALL the recievers getting involved. The D also will need key stops. This could prove to be too daunting of a task for the Lions, though.

RAMS: 31 LIONS: 17

Paul Wezner
The Lions are struggling, badly. The speedy St. Louis Rams are not the team the Lions need to get out of this funk. The Rams' offensive speed vs. the Lions lack of defensive speed spells big trouble. The Lions offense will probably perform better than what they've done in the first two games, but it won't be nearly enough to help the struggling Lion defense, which is still without the one guy that could really help them; CB Bryant Westbrook. This game will be a blowout, and it will be over early. The one thing the Lions might try and do is to run the football early and often, keep the clock running and keep St. Louis's offense off the field. Might not score a lot, but it will keep turnovers down and it will keep the score down.

RAMS: 45 LIONS: 10

Nate Caminata
In 1999, Detroit relied heavily upon its defense, the 12th man (sellout Silverdome stadium), and Gus Frerotte to lead them to auspicious victory over the Cinderella St. Louis Rams. The Lions face the same challenge Sunday, only with a shaky defense, a 12th man that isn't a staunch believer of the 0-2 Lions, and with Ty "7" Detmer. On one hand, Detroit could snap out of their funk with their home opener, pickup momentum with the West Coast offense, and pull out a shocking win in front of a television audience. Or the speedy Rams could do what they've been doing all season, and the struggling Lions could do what they've been doing all season. Bet on the latter. Bet on a laugher.


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