Lion Bytes: Artose Pinner and Doug Evans

<b>Lion Bytes:</b> Lions' insider Mike Fowler spoke with running back Artose Pinner regarding the rookie's return to the practice field. Mike also spoke with Doug Evans, and how the veteran cornerback is adjusting to life in Detroit and his new Lion teammates.

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AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION (Note: Audio file provides more detailed interview. Interview's taken place during Wednesday's practice)


Did you think you were going to be out this long?

"I thought maybe it was going to be a couple of months. I thought it was just a break when it first happened. But then I tore a ligament, so I didn't know how the ligament would but heal -- but I didn't know it would take this long."

How's the ankle feel right now?

"It feels pretty good. It isn't as stiff any more. I do a lot of stetching in rehab so it's pretty loose right now. I'm just ready to give it a shot rigtht now."

Have you come out with a helmet on yet?

"One day I came out (with the helmet on). They were shocked that I came out with the helmet on. I tried it out."


Do you know how to get from where you're staying to the practice field?

"That's what I did on my day off (laughing). I rode around a little bit just trying to know where to go, where not to go, and things like that. Take a quicker path, and things like that."

Your impressions of the Lions prior to coming here and of Detroit itself?

I didn't know alot about what was going on around here. Before the game, coach showed me highlight tapes -- showed everyone highlight tapes -- showing what type of energy these guys have and what they gave. Every play they ran hard. They just played hard. It doesn't look like this record. It didn't match up. How they played on the field didn't match up with their record. That just gave me a good feeling coming in -- guys are going to play hard."

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