Lion Bytes: Dre' Bly

<b>Lion Bytes:</b> Listen to Lions' cornerback Dre' Bly talk about Sunday's matchup against the Chicago Bears (streaming audio).

  Streaming Audio: Dre' Bly

AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION (Note: Audio file provides more detailed interview. Interview's taken place during Wednesday's practice)


Did you learn anything from the first time you played Chicago (that they can apply)?

"I took away a few things that they did in the previous game. They were successful doing certain things. With Chris Chander playing quarterback that first game, we can take somethings away from that game and use it for this upcoming Sunday.

How do you feel about your hamstring?

"It's getting stronger and stronger. Coming off Sunday, playing after 3 days rest, it was actually too much (strain) for the hamstring. I feel like I'm a fast healer. Flexibility is back, and I just feel a little pull, but right now I feel we're definately going forward, and I'm looking forward to playing this Sunday."

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