Fantasy Lions: Week 10

Will any Lions sneak onto your fantasy roster? Should they? fantasy expert Adrian Donofrio has the answers.

Joey Harrington
He didn't have what you'd call a "bounce back" game, but he did play better in last week's game than he has in recent games. At this point, Harrington is pretty much working himself back into being good enough to be your backup. He's not really starting material at this point. He struggled in his first meeting with the Bears, which means it would be a very risky start.

Shawn Bryson/Olandis Gary
Bryson continues to do a serviceable job, but Steve Mariucci hasn't ceased from using Olandis Gary on a lot of carries. Bryson averaged right around 5 yards a carry versus the Bears in the last meeting, but the only way he'd warrant a start is if it was certain he'd be the number one back. At this point, Gary is taking too many carries away from Bryson to start either, not to mention Gary and Bryson have only one TD a piece, which would kill you in a touchdown-oriented league such as Yahoo!. Do not start either.

Bill Schroeder
Want to sandbag your next game? Want to throw your standings in utter turmoil, going from first to worst in a matter of weeks? Do you want to keep things competetive, keeping the interest of every member in your league? Then Bill Schroeder is the right man for you! He's sure to NOT score TD's this weekend, he's sure to accumulate UNDER 50 yards recieving. Schroeder is the closest player to being a sure thing this week.

Az-Zahir Hakim
If there was a player that dropped more passes than Bill Schroeder, then Az-Hakim would be that player. If your league gave you points for balls that hit the reciever in the chest, arms, or hands, and weren't caught, then Hakim would garner a lot of points for you. Unfortunately, there aren't any leagues that do that. Don't start him.

Mikhael Ricks
He has been demoted to the second TE on a lot of depth charts floating around. That should tell you how far he has fallen since last year. Casey Fitzsimmons might get the start here, and frankly, neither of them are worth starting. Ricks is effective once he has the ball in his hands, but getting it there is harder than it's worth.

Jason Hanson
The offense is likely to move the ball a little better than it did in it's last meeting with the Bears, which should translate into some fantasy points for Mr. Hanson. He'd make a decent start if your primary kicker is on a bye week.

Detroit Defense
Not worth a start, not now, or for the rest of the year.

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