Bears at Lions: Staff Picks

Bears at Lions, Week 10 -- Staff Picks

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider (4-4)
Chicago sports a 11-game road losing streak and is not likely to break it this week, they just aren't that good. While Detroit isn't very good either, they play better at home and the presence of Hanson, they should be able to manufacture enough points to add to Chicago's road losing streak.

PICK: Detroit 12 -- Chicago 9

Josh Turel - Staff Writer (7-1)
Argggh. The winning streak is over, done, finished. However, I'm not sad. I'll take a Lions win whether I call it or not. If you pick the Lions every week (like someone I know) ahhhmmm....then you don't have to worry about it. Anyway, my prediction this week is for the Lions to get back on the losing track. Last week was a fluke, 3rd string quarterback, stupid penalties, and an overall lack of motivation to win were in the Lions favor. Lest we forget this is the worst offense in the league, and the defense, despite their good play last week, isn't that great either. The Bears have been in every game this year, and they've already earned credibility by beating us once already. This week's result, Bears 24 Lions 13, and Nate clinches the first pick in the 2004 Staff draft.

PICK: Chicago 24 -- Detroit 13

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer (6-2)
The Bears are in just as much disarray as the Lions are, that much has been established around the league. But the Lions have a little momentum in their corner with a victory over the Raiders fresh on their minds. Regardless of who was playing quarterback for the Raiders last week, they still had three extremely talented wideouts and a very good runningback playing for them. Reggie Swinton is playing big, had a TD in the last meeting these two teams had, and as long as Joey Harrington plays within himself and doesn't force anything (he had two INT's at Soldier Field two weeks ago) then the offense will be improved, especially with short fields. Don't give up the early lead, don't turn the ball over, and block like wild animals on kick and punt returns, and you may be looking at a Lions victory.

PICK: Detroit 21  --  Chicago 17

Nick West - Staff Writer (5-3)
The Lions are coming off of an emotional victory over the Raiders and now have some confidence. However, the Bears are starting to find a rythm and confidence of their own as they have won two in a row. After playing each other just two weeks ago, the teams still have a solid feel for each other.   I see this game being much more competitive than the first one.  The key for a Lions' victory will be to stop the A-Train, Anthony Thomas.  When healthy, A-Train is a threat to run for over 100 yards and 2 scores every game.  If DT's Shaun Rogers and Dan Wilkinson (and hopefully a healthy Luther Ellis) can clog up the middle, I see the Lions winning.

PICK: Detoit 20  --  Chicago 17

Nate Caminata - Publisher (2-6)
The Lions won one for the gipper last Sunday ... and William Clay Ford, Sr. as well. We both owe them our thanks. The Lions stifled the Raiders' offense last week, displaying solid coverage on some very talented Oakland receivers. Revenge is sweet in the NFL, so two weeks after losing to Chicago (in a game that featured a very controversial onside kick-penalty), the Lions have an opportunity to put the Bears right in their place -- literally. A Lions' win will put both teams at 3-6 -- take THAT, Chicago sportswriters.

PICK: Lions 34 -- Chicago 13

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