Fantasy Lions: Week 11

What Lions should you start in Week 11? Find out now!

Joey Harrington
He had arguably his best game of the year last week, with a quarterback rating of over 80. The key thing for fantasy owners to look at is not the rating, but the fact that he had no TD's. Granted, he had no interceptions, but the fact that he was shut out of the endzone is likely to keep many owners away from picking him up, especially in touchdown oriented leagues. Keep a watch on his box score as the weeks progress. If he continues to do well with the weak recieving corp he has, wait for Charles Rogers to return and pick him up.

RB Corp
Shawn Bryson sparined his ankle in the last game, leaving his status uncertain. Former 49er RB Paul Smith was signed, but isn't likely to see a ton of action this week. That leaves Olandis Gary and Avon Cobourne. Neither are very good. Neither are worth picking up.

Bill Schroeder
He has lost a lot of snaps over the past few weeks, and his playing time continues to decrease weekly. His place in the reports will now be replaced by Scotty Anderson.

Scotty Anderson
He had 77 yards  recieving last week, which at least warrants you to keep an eye or two on his box score. With the exception of Chalres Rogers, he has been the best reciever on the team this year, including tight ends. He's still in the doghouse with the coaching staff and management, but at least keep an eye on him. If he produces, he produces. Until then, don't bother with him on your roster.

Casey Fitzsimmons
He now has the starting nod over Mikhael Ricks, and if for some reason you had Ricks on your roster, simply replace him with Casey, who is available in the vast majority of leagues. If you owned Jeremy Shockey, who is likely out for the year, there's likely not many starting tight ends in the pool. With that said, Casey might be a decent pickup and/or start. The Seahawks' secondary is an emerging one, but their linebacking corp is not that fast.

Jason Hanson
Here's the only Lion that's starting in the majority of leagues. He was 4/4 last week, with a couple of longer attempts, which really racks up the points in most leagues. He would be a good start this week. The offense isn't moving the ball all that great, but is doing better, and has at least one drive per game where it is set up within field goal range by a good punt/kick return. Would be a good start.

Detroit Defense
Matt Hasselbeck is either red hot or pretty cold, but he looks to have an excellent game this week versus the Lions. If he's a FA in your league, pick him up and start him. When the Detroit Defense piece in this article becomes how good a shot the opposing quarterback has at racking up points against the Lions, it should give you a hint on how to look at the porous D from Motown.

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