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Justin Vanfulpen -

PONTIAC- Lions' head coach Marty Mornhinweg made the right decision on Wednesday by naming Charlie Batch the starting quarterback for the rest of the season.

"Charlie Batch is the guy, he will not look back, he will not look over his shoulder. This team and this organization will be behind Charlie Batch 100 percent," said Mornhinweg.

Well, what changed from after the Green Bay game, to now?

"Charlie did not play well in that first ballgame. We had a man that I trusted that I still trust that had an exceptional amount of time in this offense. That didn't work," said Mornhinweg.

Mornhinweg was correct: it didn't work. In 6 quarters that Ty Detmer played he turned the ball over 8 times, you can't and won't win turning the ball over that many times.

The Lions are 0-3 and Batch knows that this Sunday that they need to get a win to help them get a start back to at least .500.

"Right now, we have to take it one game at the time."said Batch. "We have a good chance right now at ending October at 3-3. It may sound unrealistic to some people but that's the way we have to look at it.

"We have to take it one game at a time to get ourselves back in a position to make a run. If we start at 0-4, the chance of getting anywhere is very slim. Right now, it's very slim at 0-3, but I think we have a good opportunity to go to Minnesota, take one and then come back with two home games and be able to sit at 3-3 at the end of October. We can't afford to look at it any other way."

Monday night, the Lions' offensive unit had a spark when Batch came into the game, and his teammates are glade to see that Batch has the backing of the coaching staff.

"I think it's important for Charlie to feel comfortable, he can't be afraid of making mistakes. He has to be able to play loose and take chances," said wide receiver Herman Moore.

"Charlie has to know that he doesn't have to play mistake-free football. It all starts with the quarterback position and he has to be given the freedom to play his game," said Germane Crowell.

The Lions are 0-3, and have looked bad on offense and defense but they know with Batch starting, the season is not lost. The Lions have to get it going right now, and move on from the past 3 games. They are done with this episode, and there is no reason to look back.

"We have to get going. We need to move on, we need to go out here and light it up," said Batch.

It will need to start this Sunday in Minnesota, but at least Batch is back.

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