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Justin Vanfulpen -

The Lions will use a lot more two tight end sets this week with both David Sloan and Pete Mitchell in the game at the same time. They will use this both in the running game as well as the passing game. The Lions felt like the Vikings linebackers and safeties can't cover their tight end's one-on-one and they like that match-up, so they will look to use it often.

Cornerback Bryant Westbrook won't play this Sunday against the Vikings but if everything goes well he should be back the next Sunday when the Lions play the Tennessee Titans at home.

It looks like as of right now guard Stockar McDougle won't play because of an injured foot but that tackle Aaron Gibson will be able to play some but Matt Joyce well plays some in his place if not start for him. Tony Semple will get the start at left guard for McDougle. Semple has look good in practice this week and the Lions don't think that there will be much of a drop up if McDougle can't go against the Vikings.

Linebacker Barrett Green will be in the nickel and dime packages against the Vikings and will see a limited amount of snaps in the regular defense replacing Allen Aldridge against the Vikings.

The Lions plan to use the screen pass to Desmond Howard this week again out of the five wide receiver set. The Lions have it in the game plan and plan to run it at least two time in the game if not more.

The Lions are planning on offense to get the ball to wide receiver Germane Crowell early in the game and have a few plays in the game plan designed to get him involved and get him the ball early.

Defense end James Hall won't start but will a large amount of playing time both in passing and running down, to use his speed and athleticism to rush the passer and well as run down the running back.

The Lions plan to attack the Vikings with the running game since in the two games last year James Stewart had success against them with 190 yards rushing averaging 5.4 yards a carry against the Vikings.

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