Fantasy Lions: Week 12

What Lions should you start against Minnesota in Week 12? Let us decide.

Joey Harrington
How he continues to get better is beyond me. His recievers are weaker than male interior decorators, yet he continues to put up decent numbers. Surely, the second half of last week's game and the success that followed was partly caused by Seattle already packing it in, but his recievers still weren't able to get some open space. The Lions leading reciever, Scotty Anderson, is out for the year. Any thoughts on picking up Harrington died with that injury report, but don't despair, because there is some important news regarding Harrington's status for future weeks later in the report, so keep reading. Until then, read this week's forecast: Do not start.

Shawn Bryson/Olandis Gary
Cory Schlesinger has been getting better on the outside blocks which may open a few things up, especially against a slow linebacking corp such as the Vikings. Do we really have to ask if (former Lion) Chris Claiborne remembers getting steamrolled by Bryson en route to six points? In many fans minds, that was the best play of the year, and some sweet, sweet revenge. Not this time. Bryson or Gary may punch it in one time from a few yards out, which would go a long way when taking into account the team's red zone passing numbers, but no back on this team will get anything more than 60 - 65 yards. With that said, don't bother.

Bill Schroeder/Az Hakim
Last week Scotty Anderson replaced Bill Schroeder in this article due to Scotty's productivity and Billy's lackthereof. Well, that got the Lions only recieving threat injured and subsequently placed on the IR. Oops. With that said, here's hoping putting them back in the article will keep David Kircus, who you'll hear about later in the article, nice and healthy. Whatever the case, don't start either Hakim or Schroeder.

David Kircus
Although he's not really "straight outta 'yo nightmaes", he's straight out of Grand Valley State, and that's what has been on the minds of many skeptics since he was drafted in the sixth round. He was (finally) brought up from the practice squad and will likely see some action this week as a result of Anderson being hurt. If he does well in the first half of the game, pick him up at halftime, because he's available in basically every league. If he doesn't do anything in the first half, and the Lions are down by a bunch and he puts up numbers in the second half, don't bother. It's because the defense has let up. (See: Last week.)

Casey Fitzsimmons
Although he seems to be getting a lot of receptions, he really hasn't been doing much after the catch. He's basically like a larger version of the running backs. Catch for four or five yards, hit the ground. If you have an injury at the position, he might be worth a look here because the Vikings defense doesn't really have much speed anywhere. Their corners are primarily bigger and use press coverage, and their linebackers (as we know) are pretty slow as well. Size is their M.O. and they use it as a bend but not break situation. Fitzsimmons would be a decent pickup if your primary guy is on the infirmary report.

Jason Hanson
Definately worth a look this week. The problem last week is the team either scored TD's or didn't score at all. With a defense like Minnesota's expect to see a little more action for "Big Play" Hanson. As always, he's a pretty decent start.

Dre' Bly will play this week, and he said that he had no ill effects from playing last week. Boss Bailey, however, is listed as questionable with a shoulder injury. That shouldn't instil much confidence in fantasy owners, if there are any owners out there who actually have this defense on their roster. Even if Bailey plays, there really isn't much that should tell you to start this team. Do not start.

Notes: David Kircus will finally make his long awaited debut, and fantasy players should keep an eye on him. If he comes in and plays like a DII player, forget it, but if he comes in and does well, it not only means he is worth picking up, but it might be a sign to take a look at Joey Harrington as well.

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