Detroit at Minnesota: Staff Picks

Lions battle Vikings: staff makes its weekly predictions.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider (6-4)
Jason Hanson could be a big factor if the Lions can keep it close and allow Hanson to win it with his leg. The monkey jumps off Detroit onto Minnesota.

PICK: Detroit 19 -- Minnesota 17

Josh Turel - Staff Writer (8-2)
First off, the Lions are on the road. No matter who they are playing that's big trouble. Lest we not forget that this Minnesota team is still very talented, and are looking for a victory desperately. The Lions aren't an easy victory by no means, but they just cannot win football games. Until the Lions earn some credibility on the road, they have to be underdogs. The Vikings offense, namely Daunte Culpepper have been making quite a bit of mistakes, so if the Lions can create some turnovers and make some points off them, they will have a decent chance, but just too many factors point towards a Minnesota victory.

PICK: Detroit 10 -- Minnesota 31

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer (8-2)
Detroit finally gets to see Circus Kircus in action this week. That might mean we'll have another reciever running incorrect routes and not getting open or we have someone who does well and keeps the offense from recording 3 and outs every drive. Although the offense will do better this week, in the end the Lions will find some way to break. The only thing alive and kicking after this game will be the road losing streak. I see about 4 catches for 50 yards from Kircus, a Corey Chavous INT, and a Lions loss to warm up the fans for Thanksgiving. A shootout, a squeeker, and a disappointment.

PICK: Detroit 17 -- Minnesota 24

Nick West - Staff Writer (7-3)
The Lions' road losses stop here.  The Vikings are in a downward spiral and have no answer for their losing streak.  Daunte Culpepper may throw for 350 yards on the Lions' depleted secondary, but Joey will answer with 300 of his own against the pitiful Vikings D. The ground game should get going too, as the Vikes can easily be ran on.   Pretty bold, eh?

PICK: Detroit 24 -- Minnesota 21

Nate Caminata - Publisher (3-7)
If the Lions are able to convert a couple of those red zone opportunities, and if the ball bounces their, last week's loss to Seattle could have been averted. Unfortunately, those if's ultimately led to the Lions 7th loss of the season. However, a 9-7 season can still get a team into the playoffs with the amount of parity in the league. Minnesota has played terrible, and they are facing a Lions team with the threat of -- you guessed it -- David Kircus. Look for the young man and former Grand Valley State University Laker to give Joey Harrington the target he's been looking for.

PICK: Detroit 24 -- Minnesota 13

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