Week 12: Rookie Report

Find out how the rookie's performed against the Minnesota Vikings.

LB – Boss Bailey – Bailey's shoulder injury limited him from making significant plays on Sunday.  He was not overly effective fighting off blockers, obviously showing signs of weakness in his shoulder.  Boss did; however, record five tackles and a key quarterback pressure.  While in the Lions' redzone, Vikings' quarterback Daunte Culpepper was put under extreme pressure by the blitzing rookie and, as a result, was forced to throw the ball away, despite having open receivers.  Two downs later, the Vikings settled for a field goal.  Boss' injury will likely nag him for the remainder of the season, but should not radically affect his playing time.  

DE/DT – Cory Redding – Redding performed well in the small amount of time he was on the field.  Lining up at the end position, he assisted on a tackle and had two quarterback pressures.  

S – Terrence Holt – For the most part, Holt played well in the loss.  He actively pursued the ball, made textbook tackles and filled in well for Dre Bly, when the playmaking cornerback briefly left the game after tweaking a hamstring.  Holt did; however, make a mistake on a safety blitz.  He failed to disguise the assignment and subsequently overran it, allowing Culpepper to scamper for a first down.  Holt finished with two tackles.

WR – David Kircus - In his first career game, the sixth round choice fit in well with the Lions' receiver corps.  He dropped the first pass thrown to him.  On a 3rd and 5, Joey Harrington fired an accurate ball to Kircus on a slant route, but it must have had butter on it, because it fell right out of his hands.  According to head coach Steve Mariucci, David saw 44 snaps and actually lined up as the number two (X) receiver when Az Hakim was winded.  The former Division 2 standout certainly got his feet wet and will probably see the same amount of snaps in the next game.  

TE – Casey Fitzsimmons – Fitz finished with one catch for six yards, but had a touchdown reception negated on a ticky-tacky pass interference call on fullback Corey Schlesinger almost 10 yards away.  For the third game straight game, he received the starting nod over Mikhael Ricks.  The Division 3 product has shown signs that he can make it in the NFL, but still has much to improve on, specifically his strength and run blocking.  

Other rookies – Running back Avon Cobourne was not active and has survived being cut with the activation or fellow halfback Artose Pinner.  Pinner, who has yet to play an NFL down, may play in the Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers.  Rumor has it that wideout Charles Rogers may not play for the rest of this season.  A collarbone injury is one that must be 100% before a player can return to action and apparently Rogers is not close to that percentile. Linebacker James Davis has not been placed on the injured reserve. 

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