Fantasy Lions: Week 14

What Fantasy players on the Lions should you start in Week 14? Find out now!

Joey Harrington
Although he's having some decent games when it comes to developing as a quarterback, when taking fantasy points into account he really isn't worth starting. Touchdowns are where it counts oftentimes and Joey simply hasn't been doing enough in the red zone. Not really his fault but it doesn't matter when you're trying to decide on whether to start him. The Charger's secondary is not strong but neither are the Detroit receivers. Don't start.

Running backs
Shawn Bryson is not getting that many carries anymore, Olandis likes dancing around at the line of scrimmage until he gets tackled and Artose Pinner might get a few carries. Now that is a running game by committee. That spells trouble for fantasy owners no matter how weak the opposing defense may or may not be. Don't start any of these guys.

Wide Receivers
If for some reason you are decimated at receiver and cannot find any decent alternatives, Az-Zahir Hakim might be an option. He's just now starting to create some chemistry with QB Joey Harrington and making some receptions. His counterparts, David Kircus and Bill Schroeder, are worthless. James Williams comes to town and offers some decent speed but it's unknown at this point at how much time he'll get this week. Might be worth keeping an eye on but otherwise don't concern yourself with Williams.

Casey Fitzsimmons
Might be an option this week if your primary TE was a guy like Dallas Clark who recently broke his leg. He doesn't make a lot of yards after he has the ball but he does get a few receptions each game. He's probably Harrington's most trusted pass receiver. A decent second option, especially against San Diego, but not a first team starter by any means.

Jason Hanson
The game takes place at Ford Field, which obviously favors Hanson. The defense for San Diego isn't exactly a strong one, which means he'll get some shots at an extra point or some actual field goals, which garner the major points. He's always worth a look, he's only missed one FG this year. If you have a guy like John Kasay who is struggling lately, it might be time for a change until your primary starter heats back up or proves unworthy. Get Jason in range and he will give you three points everytime. Start him.

Detroit Defense
As hard as it is to imagine, the Detroit defense has been heating up lately, especially against the run. Ladanian Tomlinson is one of the best running backs in the game, but Ahman Green was the hottest back in the league until he ran into Shaun Rogers. Doug Flutie isn't a world beater, David Boston has been struggling all year and faces a red-hot team MVP, Pro Bowl corner in Dre Bly. You can say how much bigger Boston is, you can give the measurements of his biceps, but Randy Moss is 6'4 and the most he put up was 74 yards in two meetings against Bly. The D-Line has absolutely stifled any attempts at running the ball, and the linebackers have cleaned up any mess that gets through. It would be a bold move, but Detroit's chances look good on paper this week.

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