Power Rankings: Week 6

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1. Rams(5-0): Could face first loss without Marshall Faulk.

2. Packers(4-1): Brett Favre looks like his old MVP form. Uh oh.

3. 49ers(4-1): They're back, with Garcia-to-Owens era.

4. Raiders(4-1): Thank-you card is in the mail for the Seahawks.

5. Ravens(3-2): Despite a rocky start, you can't count out the champs.

6. Bears:(3-1): Whoa, you must be new here, welcome to the top 10, Chicago.

7. Saints(3-1): What a call! Nice run by Ricky Williams to win it. 8. Steelers(3-1): Better hope the Bus won't need a tune up anytime soon.

9. Giants(3-2): Did everything but beat the Rams.

10. Seattle(3-2): Trent Dilfer is having great tryouts for next year, while youngen Shawn Alexander is impressing as well.

11. Bengals(3-2): This just doesn't feel right.

12. Jets(3-2): Another come from behind win. Another report of a fan heart attack.

13. Denver(3-2): Will a steady Wide out please stand up?

14. Dolphins(3-2): May have let up too early against the Jets. Expect practice to be brutal.

15. Browns(3-2): The D is sure helping a lot, but for how much longer?

16. Eagles(2-2): Still hasn't shown if they're as good as everyone thinks.

17. Colts(2-2): Too many mistakes against Oakland, too many.

18. Chargers(3-2): Doubts are lingering....

19. Patriots(2-3): Two straight big wins, Tom Brady will be huge rade bait. The Pats are the 2001 giant killers thus far.

20. Bucs(2-2): Just when they thought they had it together, they lose to the then-winless Titans. Is there enough bondo in the world to patch the holes in team chemistry?

21. Vikings(2-3): The D is exiled, Bennett is showing nothing. Better hope the main guns stay healthy.

22. Jaguars(2-2): Huge injury to Boselli...good thing Brunell can throw on the run.

23. Falcons(2-3): Suddenly Vick isn't invincible. Jamal Anderson is sure to be missed.

24. Panthers(1-4): Absolutely crushing loss against the Saints at home.

25. Cardinals(1-3): Nothing too surprising here.

26. Titans(1-3): Can you really count this team out? Not as long as Eddie George is the RB.

27. Cowboys(1-4): Jerry Jones may be re-thinking his win prediction.

28. Chiefs(1-4): Trent Green needs to decide to be consistently bad, or consistently good. Makes the coach's job a lot easier.

29. Lions(0-4): Marty Mornhinweg gave Germane Crowell a book recomendation this week: How To Run Out of Bounds For Dummies.

30. Bills(0-4): Its going to be a long season for Rob Johnson.

31. Redskins(0-5): Already a long season, for everyone.

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