Lions @ Chiefs: Staff Picks

LF staff makes its picks for the Lions @ Chiefs contest.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider (7-6)

Josh Turel - Staff Writer (10-3)
Playing the best team, on the road, in one of the hardest places to play in America...hmm doesn't to good for the Lions. Really, all you could have read was "on the road" and know the outcome. Yes, Kansas City doesn't have a great defense, but who cares! They are playing the league's worst offense. On the other side KC is loaded on offense ... and as the Lions showed last week, they cannot contain a dual threat runner. The Lions will make history on Sunday, but you better file that under the bad section.

PICK: Kansas City 38 --  Detroit 10

Adrian Donofrio - Staff Writer (10-3)
A fired up Johnnie Morton once proclaimed he was going to get Detroit Lions CEO and GM Matt Millen fired. You can bet JoMo has this game circled on his calendar. After giving up big yards to Ladanian Tomlinson last week, they face a similar back this week in Priest Holmes. This could very well be a 100-100 yard day for Holmes. It's a road game, so Harrington will likely throw an interception. None of recievers are worth anything. No matter what people say, none of the Detroit running backs will do anything special against this Kansas City rush defense. Detroit will have a record day though, tying the Oilers for consecutive road losses. Now that's something Matt Millen can be remembered for.

PICK: Kansas City 31 -- Lions 13

Nick West - Staff Writer (9-4)
Man, the game I HAVEN'T been waiting for.  The Chiefs are looking for a "W" to seal up their division title and home field advantage in the playoffs.  Also, they are a little ticked off after their blowout loss to the Broncos last week and may want to take out some anger on the hapless Lions.  So let me get this straight, a team looking for playoff home field advantage and they are ticked off?  Uh oh.

PICK: Kansas City 38 -- Detroit 16

Nate Caminata - Publisher (4-9)
This is a toughy. Following Denver's thumping of Kansas City last week, the Chiefs suddenly looked beatable. They have a lacking defense that is only getting worse as the season proceeds, and if you make them one dimensional, they're subject to struggle just like any other team. This will be an ugly, ugly game that Detroit can pull out if they can stay in it.

PICK: Detroit 13 -- Kansas City -- 7

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