Fantasy Lions: Week 15

What Lions should you start this week? Find out now!

Joey Harrington
Harrington has played decently here down the stretch but the Lions are on the road now, against one of the league's best. His performance on the road has always had a significant dropoff from his play at home. Harrington's going to NEED to throw TD's in order for them to win this game, unfortunately that doesn't mean he will. And although he's played well, that really hasn't scored many points in fantasy or otherwise. I wouldn't start him here.

Shawn Bryson/Olandis Gary/Artose Pinner
Despite people telling you how poor the KC run defense is, none of these backs will put up anything close to what is considered starting quality fantasy numbers. Bryson will likely get the brunt of the load, however, so if you are looking to choose just the one who will get more carries, he's the one to go with. Olandis Gary has had a few longer runs lately but if there are no holes to run through it's a moot point. He also has had trouble catching the ball this year, which will likely take a lot of snaps away from him. Artose Pinner will likely make his debut this Sunday, although he's had trouble picking up the offense and pass blocking during pass blitzes. It doesn't sound as if he'll get more than 5 carries or so. Don't start any of these guys.

Bill Schroeder
He hasn't been worth a start all year, and there's nothing that shows he will change that this week. He's lucky to pull in 2 or 3 balls a game. If he ever did amount to anything close to an NFL reciever, he certainly is nowhere near that now. What once was a sleeping giant is now a dead cow. He should remain in the free agency pool for the remainder of the year.

Az-Zahir Hakim
He had a little bit of momentum heading into last week, talks about his increased chemistry with QB Joey Harrington were being raised, and what happens? He has several key drops, one of which would have went for big yards. Unless he wants to end up being on future volumes of "NFL Follies", he needs to step up and just start catching footballs. He's also going up against his former coach, Dick Vermiel. Now's the time to step up. Too bad he won't put up any worthwhile statistics. Don't start him, but hope for the best.

Casey Fitzsimmons
Not worth a start. He's probably Harrington's favorite target other than the RB's, and just like the runningbacks, he doesn't make any yards after the catch whatsoever. 5 receptions sounds good, but when it's for 20 yards it somehow loses it's luster. TE's like Anthony Becht are likely available in most leagues, and would be a better choice in this case.

Jason Hanson
He's usually worth a start, and this week is no different. The Lions will be good for anywhere in the 10-14 point range, so Jason will probably see some action. Hanson can be penciled into your starting roster without a problem.

Detroit Defense
So much for stopping Ladanian Tomlinson. They go up against arguably the best runner in the game in Priest Holmes. He can catch the ball and run for big yards afterwards, something LT did quite well in last week's loss versus the Chargers. Not to mention former Lion WR Johnnie Morton said he's going to get Lions CEO and GM Matt Millen fired. Think Morton's been waiting for this chance? Yeah, us too. Do not start.

The Staff would like to wish you luck in your playoff runs this week! Let the best (and most informed) players win!

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