What Does Millen Have To Do To Get Fired?

What does a President and CEO have to do to get fired around here?

What does a President and CEO have to do to get fired around here?

William Clay Ford Sr., the time has come for you to make the move. It’s time for you to come to the same conclusion that most of the rest of humanity arrived at long ago. The hiring of Matt Millen as your team’s President and CEO has been an unmitigated disaster. He has presided over the three most putrid back-to-back seasons in this franchises’ seventy-four year history. Assuming that your team is defeated in its last two games, you and your President and CEO will have guided this team to a combined record of 9-39 over the last three seasons. That won / loss total means that your team will have won only 18.7 % of its games during that time under the command of you and your President and CEO.

No other three-year span in the history of the franchise can match that level of futility. You have to go back sixty-years to find a stretch that comes close. The Lions of 1941-43 had a combined record of 7-23-2, and that includes a winless 1942 season (0-11). Nevertheless, the franchise managed to win 21.8 % of its games during that period.

In addition to the won / loss record, it is difficult to find any position on the roster where the talent level of your team has been appreciably improved from the time when your President and CEO was hired. While it is true that your team has been riddled with injuries throughout the past three seasons, in socialist-parity-filled-utopia of today’s NFL, for any team to fail to win at least 20% of its games over a three-year stretch is laughable to say the least.

Finally, I feel it is necessary to address the conduct of your President and CEO in regards to his behavior in two separate high profile incidents involving one current and one former player. The failure of your President and CEO to hold his tongue in his interview last season on Mike Ditka’s Chicago radio show and during his outburst outside of the Kansas City locker room last Sunday have served to further tarnish your franchises already well-stained image. In the realm of NFL executives, it is difficult to imagine the same behavior coming from professionals like Ron Wolf, Bill Walsh, Bill Polian, Bobby Bethard, or the late Jim Finks. In a world where the perception is often the reality, the unprofessionalism displayed by your President and CEO in these two incidents have served to make your franchise an absolute laughingstock off the field as well as on.

The Detroit Lions have never been at a lower point in their history then they are right now Mr. Ford. The time has come to make the change. There are no more excuses. Your President and CEO has failed.

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