Column: Lions' Failures don't Lead to One

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Adrian Donofrio -

The Detroit Lions are off to another poor season. But instead of starting fast and ending slow, they started slow, and get look to end slow, as well.

When a football team with such high hopes is losing so badly, it's only natural for fans to point fingers at who's to blame for the dismal outings. Many fans pointed Charlie Batch before the year began, but he's shown, so far, that he's adaquate, and he's not Ty Detmer, which is a plus.

In fact, you can't really blame the whole season thus far on one player. Sure, it can be dispersed, (i.e., David Sloan, Germane Crowell.) But why not go for one guy? One, single, solitary, scapegoat?

Well, Marty Mornhinweg appears to be that person. Many fans are caling for his head after a lowly 0-4 start. How do you spot a fan like this?

Symptoms include, but are not limited to, cold sweats, frequent yelling and/or swearing, and questioning the play calling. Often times these fans are making fun of Mornhinweg in one way or another and blame losses on him.

If you are one of these fans, ask your doctor if "Patience" is right for you. Side affects may include: winning in the near future, playoff berths, and happiness.

Because the truth is, if the team is to have any success in the near future, it needs Marty at the controls. Its taken this long to install his offense, its going to take longer to learn it, and longer to acquire the right players. If you fire Marty at the end of the season it's an absolute waste of this year. All the growing pains of the West Coast Offense are just wasted efforts.

It's common knowledge that the Lions' roster will be re-shaped this offseason. Many believe that the Lions' players are square pegs, and the WCO is a round hole. Now that the core of players know the offense (whoever the core is), the building on the fly will begin. Fast, speedy recievers could be what the Lions need. Or perhaps a sure-handed tight end.

And while the players that remain here until after next year, they will only become better at the offensive scheme. If you bring in a new coach, you have to learn a new offense. Even if you hire a coach with WCO experiences or philosophies, its still going to be different from the one the players barely know already.

The growing pains will continue. Every player will make little mistakes, every coach will have a bad call. But when they learn from the mistakes, the chance lessens of them happening again.

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