Power Rankings: Week 7

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Adrian Donofrio -

1. Rams(6-0) Candidate has a strong showing and they win. AGAIN.

2. 49ers(4-1) Bye week should help this already good team.

3. Raiders(4-1) Just like their bay area counterparts, the bye week will help.

4. Bears(4-1) This team should not be underestimated. They're playing strong football, but took a huge blow with the loss of WR Robinson.

5. Packers(4-2) Tough loss against the Vikes, but don't expect a repeat next week.

6. Steelers(4-1) With 10 sacks on Brad Johnson, the Bus was simply a sidenote with ther victory.

7. Browns(4-2) Nice defensive play, and Tim Couch threading needles for TD's against the Ravens D gets them into the top 10.

8. Chargers(4-2) Convincing victory all the way around against division counterpart Denver.

9. Eagles(3-2) Despite having their D on the field in what seemed the whole game, McNabb leads them to a win.

10. Giants(3-3) Still playing strong football, but offense sputtered against Philly on Monday Night.

11. Seahawks(3-2) Bye week could mean return of Hasslebeck.

12. Saints(3-2) A loss against the Falcons certainly doesn't help this team at all.

13. Patriots(3-3) Starting to look legit, especially with Patten's Sweet game. Brady continues to look sharp.

14. Ravens(3-3) May have to claw their way to a wildcard. Again.

15. Dolphins(3-2) QB controversy questions have been popping up...Fiedler needs to watch INT's.

16. Vikings(3-3) A win against division rival Packers may have been what they need to get back on track.

17. Broncos(3-3) Losing ground fast in a tough division.

18. Bengals(3-3) Strong start negated by consecutive losses.

19. Buccaneers(2-3) Warren Sapp said it best. If this team doesn't win, they'll be dismantled. Brad Johnson got knocked silly versus the Steelers.

20. Falcons(3-3) Nice win over the Saints, but they're still not going anywhere.

21. Colts(2-3) They can't seem to win, even with their weapons.

22. Titans(2-3) Absolutely ROBBED the Lions of a win.

23. Jets(3-3) Vinny throws his first INT of the season and it cost him.

24. Jaguars(2-3) Think Brunell is still having after-affects from that bone jarring hit?

25. Cardinals(2-3) Supposed to be a turnaround year for the desert boys...not showing it yet.

26. Bills(1-4) Rob Johnson earned a victory for his team, may be the last.

27. Panthers(1-5) Making themselves comfy in the cellar.

28. Cowboys(1-4) Bye week, another QB controversy. What else is new?

29. Chiefs(1-5) A surprisingly terrible team is NOT what Vermiel had in mind.

30. Lions(0-5) Inching their way to their first W, fans want know how may inches are left.

31. Redskins(1-5) Got handed a victory, Eddie Murray has GOT to contemplating retirement as he missed the first winning FG attempt

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