Ranked Detroit Lions Free-Agent List

Listing of all Lions' free-agents, including comments and a ranking of each player

- Top Ranked (5 Stars)
- Low Rank (1 Star)

LG Eric Beverly
A dependable player who is probably better suited to a backup role than starting

OG Ray Brown
After 18 years it's finally over

RB Shawn Bryson
Not a lead RB but has quality as a backup and catches the ball well, Lions want him back

CB Doug Evans
Signed when the Lions CBs were all hurt and gave them some good playing time, probably won't be re-signed, however

OLB Jeff Gooch
A good nickel LB and special teams player, might get more money elsewhere

OLB Barrett Green
Has enough speed to make him valuable but sometimes over-thinks situations and assignments

DE James Hall
Was the steadiest of the Lions DEs in 2003 and will be retained as a starter

WR Shawn Jefferson
Almost 35 years old, coming off a torn meniscus, a great guy and good player but probably won't be re-signed

P John Jett
Very steady punter whose torn calf muscle ended his season prematurely

DT Kelvin Pritchett
Good player in the d-line rotation and good in the locker room

CB Otis Smith
Played surprisingly well after being signed late in camp but he'll be 39 years old before the 2004 season starts, probably won't be re-signed

RB Paul Smith
Signed late in the season and impressed with his toughness on special teams and ability as a backup RB, the Lions want him back

S Bracy Walker
Good special teams player and backup at SS, Lions would like to re-sign him

WR Scotty Anderson
Averaged 19.1 yards on 17 catches before an ankle injury ended his season but Lions still question his toughness

S Julius Curry
Spent most of the season on the practice squad, will probably be re-signed

P Nick Harris
Was not consistent as the replacement for injured John Jett but might go to camp in 2004

QB Mike McMahon
Completed only 29 percent of his passes in limited playing time in 2003 but he'll be tendered because the Lions like his athleticism

WR Reggie Swinton
Filled in adequately on returns when Eddie Drummond was hurt and has speed, which makes him a keeper

FB Stephen Trejo
Almost exclusively a special teams player, is expendable

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