Gibson Catches Axe For Variety of Reasons

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Paul Wezner -

The Lions released 3rd-year Offensive Tackle Aaron Gibson on Tuesday.

The release of Gibson ends a 3 year up-and-down relationship with the 380-pound Gibson, whose weight was just one of many problems.

Gibson missed his entire rookie campaign with a shoulder injury, an injury he had before the NFL Draft that was never detected by Lions' doctors.

Last season, Gibson's 2nd as a pro, got off to a great start as he was the Lions most consistent lineman, allowing only one sack through the first 10 games. However, another shoulder injury sidelined him for the rest of the season.

Gibson started this season once again battling weight problems, and never fully adjusted to the new West Coast Offense, which required more versatile Offensive Lineman, something Gibson definitely wasn't.

The release of Gibson is just another blemish on the former regime, as they struggled to add talent to the roster. Gibson attracted the attention of former Head Coach Bobby Ross because of his unbelievable size, something Ross felt would aid in his effort to build his offense around a power running game.

This gigantic mistake (literally) also lies on the shoulders of former Personnel Director Ron Hughes, who was in favor of Gibson over Michigan stalwart Jon Jansen, partly because of his bias against Michigan players. Jansen is currently a staple on the Washington Offensive Line at Right Tackle.

Gibson is now the 3rd of 4 Tackles to fail from the Ross era. The first two that couldn't cut it were Juan Roque and Tony Ramirez. The only remaining Tackle is Stockar McDougle, who is currently injured and playing inside (and out of position) at Left Guard.

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