Bye, Bye to SVSU

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Justin Vanfulpen -

The Detroit Lions will not be holding training camp on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University next year, which has seen the Lions come there for the past five years.

Lions President and CEO Matt Millen established that the Lions will hold their 2002 Training Camp at the team's new practice facility and headquarters in Allen Park. There were many different factors that caused Millen to make this decision.

"We are going to have the best practice facility in the country, number two, (the facility) is new and we can work the kinks out by having training camp there,” said Millen. "Number three, we're going to move already, from (the Silverdome) down to there. I don't want to move to Saginaw and then back again (to the new facility)."

The bad thing about the move due to lack of room and parking, fans may not be able to attend daily practice sessions. Millen said the team is still investigating what the level of fan interaction will be and a decision will be made in the future.

"We will try to do something special for the fans," he said.

This could very well turn off many fans who loved coming to SVSU to get an autograph, and see their favorite Lions player live and in person.

"This was a football decision first and foremost," said Lions Media director Matt Barnhart.

The Lions have not been playing the best football and now the fans could be losing again. Losing big time with this move since the most likely will not be allowed to go see practice live and in person.

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