Power Rankings: Week 8

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Adrian Donofrio -

3)1. Raiders(5-1) Playing good football, doing well in a competitive division.

(1)2. Rams(6-1) WAY too many turnovers to be the best.

(4)3. Bears(5-1) Could be undefeated if it weren't for a tough opening week loss. Urlacher doesn't need to have every tackle anymore.

(6)4. Steelers(5-1) Convincing win over the Titans, the passing game even got going. Watch out if that continues.

(5)5. Packers(4-2) Bye week should give them time to think about a loss to the Vikes.

(2)6. 49ers(4-2) Good bet: Terrell Owens got yelled at this week.

(7)7. Browns(4-2) The D is still holding, could be league's surprise this year.

(8)8. Chargers(5-2) Time for San Diego to bust out the Flutie Flakes.

(12)9. Saints(4-2) New Orleans busts into the top 10 by beating the supposedly invincible Rams.

(9)10. Eagles(3-3) Staying in the top 10, but just barely. Grossly inconsistent.

(14)11. Ravens(4-3) Nice comeback win, Cunningham probably didn't expect any of this.

(11)12. Seahawks(3-3) Hasslebeck still not proving himself, despite a near victory.

(15)13. Dolphins(4-2) Fiedler still not safe as a starter in many people's minds.

(10)14. Giants(3-4) Another inconsistent team. Better hope for a streak to get going if they want to think playoffs.

(17)15. Broncos(3-4) Need to get something consistent going to be considered a top team, Griese needs to watch INT's.

(13)16. Patriots(3-4) The wild ride for Brady has slowed down, it will be interesting to see how he rebounds.

(19)17. Buccaneers(3-3) Stay in division hunt with a blowout of the Vikes.

(18)18. Bengals(4-3) Still not a really convincing team.

(16)19. Vikings(3-4) Cris Carter said he'd keep his emotions under control, evidentally he lied. Meanwhile, they're losing ground in a winnable division.

(21)20. Colts(3-3) Held things together for once against KC. Not even close to being out of the woods.

(20)21. Falcons(3-3) Nobody's expecting this team to go anywhere.

(23)22. Jets(4-3) Where would they be if Santana Moss wasn't hurt? Can't help but wonder.

(28)23. Cowboys(2-4) Watch out! This team has a 2 game winning streak! Maybe Jerry was right....ahh, maybe not.

(22)24. Titans(2-4) Attention: Any blocking fullbacks are welcome for tryouts.

(24)25. Jaguars(2-4) Couldn't hold it together in a heartbreaking loss to Baltimore.

(25)26. Cardinals(2-4) Plummer was being scouted by the Texans, then he throws some more INT's. Now that's inspiration.

(26)27. Bills(1-5) Rob Johnson may be the next QB to retire because of concussions. Seriously.

(31)28. Redskins(2-5) WHAT THE?!

(29)29. Chiefs(1-6) Vermeil must miss retirement.

(30)30. Lions(0-6) Don't expect first win next week against a strong SF team, especially if Gibson decides to dogpile the D again.

(27)31. Panthers(1-6) Don't let that win fool you, by far the league's worst team.

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