Another Sunday, Another dismal Lions Performance

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Adrian Donofrio -

Well, another Sunday, another dismal Lions' performance.

But this one was supposed to be different.

Many christened Sunday the day the Lions would get their first win of the season. The mouths of Lions' fans nationwide watered with the flavor of Bengal meat. After all, this Sunday would be different right?

Well, yes and no. It was a loss. No difference there. But there are more people to blame. The post game ceremony would be different, yet the same, too. The annual finger pointing would commence, but different people would be the target.

You could blame Aaron Gibson, who thought it was funny to watch a Bengals' eyes shoot out of his head as 380 pounds came crashing down on him, drawing a penalty and therefore killing a drive.

You could blame the coach. But any sane fan knows he's not the problem.

You could blame the defense, who allowed 224 net rushing yards, almost as much as the Lions' TOTAL offense.

Or, you could blame yourself for keeping your guard down, and getting let down again.

Either way, you have to go inside the numbers.

Johnnie Morton continues to be a bright spot. Even though many thought he'd be a non-factor last sunday, he proved that wrong making the best of 6 receptions, into 74 yards.

David Sloan took a step towards redemption on Sunday, with 2 touchdowns, the only receiving TD's for the Lions. Aside from the 2 endzone visits, he had 4 receptions for 34 yards, and is slowly making his way back to being a quality tight end.

Scotty Anderson made a brief apprearance, with 1 reception for 12 yards. He was also involved in a controversial call, but made his first NFL catch and first NFL Regular season appearance.

Larry Foster also did well, with 4 receptions for 60 yards. He continues to grow on many skeptics.

Charlie Batch was 20 of 35, for 239 yards, which brings his season total to 1,311 yards. He also threw two TD's and a pair of interceptions.

But who cares? Those numbers sound nice, but when it doesn't translate into a win, who cares, right? Well, everyone, hate to spoil the fun, but the season is a wash. Tell your buddies the playoff party is off.

The fact that the season is indeed over, means that statistics, more than ever, matter.

Why? It's no secret the roster will be ripped to shreds after the season FINALLY ends. Those numbers mean a lot to those who want to stay on the roster next year. David Sloan, Charlie Batch and a lot of the defense are in danger next year.

I know, though. We all want a win. That will get that lousy neighbor or that guy in the office that nobody likes to quit hassling you and your winless team. So why didn't we win after posting decent numbers?

Because on the other side of those numbers, we have the ugly ones. Like stated before, the defense gave up almost as much net rushing yards as the Lions had total net yards.

The Lions' offense was 5-12 on 3rd down. That's not even half.

And of course, the usual suspect, stupid penalties. This time the flag flew 9 times, taking away nearly a whole field, 96 yards, and killing a potential game winning drive.

And while they're not the worst team in the league, there are no moral victories, otherwise the Lions would be in the hunt for the playoffs. This weekend, will the Lions simply give up to a strong opponent in the 49ers, or will they come out swinging only to get beaten in the end?

We shall see.

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